October 07, 2007

I'm an Even More Bitter Mysogynist...

...after reading this.

Of course I have known men who are evil and passive-aggressive and who have tremendously hurt some of my female friends who's only crime is to have trusted them. I've known women who's husbands lied to them about every single thing...from their ambition to their occupation. I've known other men whose every action was calculated to manipulate, control and isolate the women in their lives and when the girls in question washed their hands of the parasitic jerks found themselves bearing a terrible cost financially and professionally. I know of 4 cases in particular that could almost be out of a Stephen King novel or Satoshi Kohn movie....but they are so off the wall the women might be identifiable if I elaborated.

Evil knows no gender.

So why am I a bitter angry misogynist?

A college professor told me so..... 

(Hence it must be true. 
Thus, I must occasionally do misogenyblogging.

When a guy does something like I mentioned above, the universal response is to "Kill it with fire!!"

 (This is good and proper of course.)

However when women go a bit farther, it seems that the cult of Clytemnestra will give them fabulous prizes!

Winkler said the community has reached out to her, giving her everything from a five -bedroom home to live in for $150 to a car she's traded in for a sports utility vehicle.

Of course after there was a stink raised the murdering wench got custody of her kids... that was blocked, at least temporarily but the difference in standards is frankly scary...she HAD custody by default until a huge stink was raised.

The difference in cost of relationships is now at least as bad as it was in the pre suffrage days, but in the opposite direction. A guy who gets married is utterly at the mercy of the good faith of the woman in question to avoid financial ruin, the loss of his kids and have a domestic court-order put on him (which will put him on a list and ensure he can never own a gun).

The heartbreak endured by many (no means all) 1st wives is well documented, but "Starter Husbands" are seen as progress.  

I could go on and be terribly bitter and hateful but I'm satisfied that my recognition of the problem fuffills my duties as a bonified Misogynist.

None of this decreases the hurt or injustice suffered by women who are the victims of abuse, stalking or ungodly creepieness (or, in many parts of the world terrible oppression from clitorectamies to murder). Horrors they endure simply because of their sex ....but these developments I'm talking about are not excused by those injustices either.

Anyway, as I'm officially a misogynist, rather than denying it I hereby embrace my cultural identity.

 As such, my first official act shall be to call all those evil, manipulative, parasitic guys I mentioned....effeminate.

My next misogynistic act will be to watch Chobits.

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October 06, 2007

More on Che'

  Saw this Reason post on Instapundit today.

Given the fact that there are professors that wear Che' shirts on campus, links that point out the real face of this murdering, antisemitic, racist, waste of skin are  always a welcome dose of reality.

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I Want One


I have no idea if this is real or not. It was on one of the "Chans" last night.

Another cute but uncredited bit of bandwidth abuse below the fold.

UPDATE: In the comments, uber commenter JP Gibb debunks the Geek Waffelizer as a "shop" and correctly credits the .gif below to Tales From the Bully Pulpit. Which is going for....$74 !!??...on Amazon as I post this.

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Meta Blogging

Yes, Meta Blogging is a terrible faux-pas, but, as I'm (obviously) tweaking the look of Brickmuppet Blog comments on readability and appearance in non-Firefox browsers are welcome.

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October 04, 2007

Pixy Alert

There is one third of a duck contaminating my banner!

Its not even the edible portion!



Update: You fixed it...or the Duck just left....anyway all's well!

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October 03, 2007

50 Years Ago today....

... a little metal sphere captured the imagination of the world.


  Happy Sputnik Day!!!

An excellent overview of the events leading from WW2 to Sputnik1's launch can be found here in a recently added page at Encyclopedia Astronautica.

Also, is a good overview of several official  PRE(!) Sputnik designs from the US and Germany, going back to 1947 which were quite technically feasible for the day and would have worked too if not for a lack of vion in the USAF...and interservice rivalry which inspired the USAF to kill a navy program they didn't want to do themselves.


Nor was their a cornucopia of foresight on the USSR's end, for despite official propaganda to the contrary, the Soviet leadership was very unenthusiastic about the whole endeavor. The only thing that caused it to happen was the persistence of several visionary engineers and the fact that they convinced the leadership that the size of the R4 launcher would enable them to throw a small satellite into orbit with no additional development cost....and right it off as an extreme range test. Almost as an afterthought a scientific satellite was designed but it was not completed in time (that was Sputnik 3) Indeed the Sputnik 1 itself contained no scientific instruments, it just beeped....(HT Lileks )

But it beeped from space, where no manmade thing had ever been and it caught the imagination of the world....and scared the Bejeezus out of the US, as the ability to reach orbit implied global reach...with atomic weapons.
The US began a crash program to catch up to the Soviets....that program was Vanguard.

A bit later the US decided to embark on a program with rather less "crash" and  Explorer 1 (which the Army could have launched in 1956 if not forbidden to) finally made a tardy appearance in orbit. It even managed to discover the Van Allen Belts (as it did more than beep).

The launch of the Sputniks incited a frenzied fit of federal meddling in education from which the US educational system has never recovered, but it also showed that the surly bonds of earth can be broken and opened the way to the stars. 12 years later, inspired in part by this 185 pound beep machine, Americans landed on the moon!


Now 50 years on, we don't seem to have made as much progress as many of us would have hoped, indeed we've made negative progress since 1972, but the point of today is to remind us that space was conquered ...
50 freaking years ago!!

So it's not that hard.

The heavens still beckon. It's time to answer their invitation.

There's a great roundup of Sputnik Day posts at Rand Simberg's place.

Some additional perspective below the fold:


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October 02, 2007


I was rear-ended at a stoplight tonight.

The bumper on the pickup of peril is folded under the bed.

I am super sore.

The truck drives...I'm in one piece....just a painful piece. 


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October 01, 2007

Random Thoughts on Burma

 Rand Simberg has some thoughts on the limits of pacifism.

Richard Fernandez has related dismaying observations  on the perspective of those in the third world and their terrible plight.


In  the comments to this Scotsman article, (along with unsolicited antisemitic bile) is the stock scream of "why doesn't the US do something" and "If the US wasn't in Iraq they could solve this!"

No words can possibly cut through such a veil of ignorance....certainly not mine as I am neither a particularly good writer nor a person of any stature, but indulge my tilting at this windmill of asshats for a moment...
....or continue to scroll down if you wish.

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More on Burma

Via Pajamas Media:

Sylvester Stallone and his film crew have escaped Burma where they were filming a new Rambo movie. Stallone reports they encountered what he describes as " ...a hellhole beyond your wildest dreams.." and were themselves brought under fire at times.


"I witnessed the aftermath - survivors with legs cut off and all kinds of land mine injuries, maggot-infested wounds and ears cut off. We saw many elephants with blown off legs. We hear about Vietnam and Cambodia and this was more horrific,'' Stallone told the Associated Press.

The families of several of his extras were imprisoned. He and his film crew have gotten several Burmese survivors (extras and such) out of the country as well. They reportedly filmed a good deal of the aftermath of the atrocities.

None of the news coming out of Burma is good....

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