April 08, 2013

Well. THAT was Unpleasant.

As mentioned in this post, I was supposed to get the stint removed today.  I'd been unable to get hold of anyone over the weekend and I was a bit concerned because the written instructions almost sounded like this was a "do it yourself" operation....that somehow that string was there for ME to pull. And that's just c..c...CRAZY.

Well I finally got hold of a nurse and they informed me that my suspicion was correct. I was to pull the stint out myself.

This confirmation let me with emotions that are difficult to express adequately. Fortunately this young lady is helpfully summing them up with great eloquence.

Now I had the option of going to the emergency room or having it done at my appointment for tomorrow, but leaving the device in too long would be risking even further complications and this probably falls under the "optional/unnecessary" heading as far as my insurance goes.

I did not intend to get billed extra for being a wuss so.... I pulled...and pulled....and....ouched and well....pulled some more and...
(no really It's kinda graphic)

...and that is how I spent the evening.

I'm still bleeding a bit, but the stint came out in one piece. A few minutes after I removed the entirely too lengthy apparatus I got a call from the actual surgeon and he discussed the procedure with me and explained under what conditions I should immediately report to the emergency room. He gave my info to a nearby hospital just in case. As midnight approaches none of those conditions have yet been met so barring any infection or other complications I should be alright. I've got his pager# if there is any major problem this evening. I've only taken the Percoset once today (an hour before De-stintification) and the resulting  pain is great enough that I'll likely need one around Midnight to sleep. However, that should be just about it for the Percoset. Therefore,  I should be able to return to work Wednesday or Thursday ( one cant't drive on Percoset).

It looks like I'm out of the woods for now.

Thanks to everyone who sent their kind wishes. It meant a lot.

Nearly went to the hospital last night due to bleeding and pain, but the former tapered off this morning. I haven't taken a Percoset in about 9 hours so I'm going to grit my teeth and drive to school and dig myself out of the hole I'm in. I'm looking to return to work tomorrow night.

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1 Well, that little operation saved you another stent in the hospital.

Posted by: Mauser at Tue Apr 9 05:07:14 2013 (cZPoz)

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tue Apr 9 07:52:23 2013 (9jITs)

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