November 27, 2019

There is So Much There That is so Very Admirable, and There is so Very Little Hope

Lech Walesa is going to Hong Kong. There's an interview of him last week by Marc Thiessen and Danielle Pletka here.

The people of Hong Kong have shown indefatigable courage in their tenacious attempt to preserve their most precious freedoms. Vast swaths of their population have participated in peaceful protests and voted in the face of intimidation and terror. They risked everything physical and have stood their ground in the face of tyranny despite an assurance that if they loose this they will be sent to the most brutal of gulags.

The people of Hong Kong are putting everything on the line for the most precious freedoms in a fight based on principles that they can likely not win, against a system that is institutionally dedicated to violating those freedoms.

We can offer the Hong Kongers little beyond prayers and support. However, part of that support is to withdraw it from those who continue to Kow-Tow to their tormentors. This cancer will not stay in the Pearl River Estuary. It is already here and metastasizing.

Here in America and much of the west, our captains of industry and media have been implacably relentless in their  pursuit of Chinese markets and investment, eagerly sacrificing our most precious freedoms for vast quantities of Yuan and an assurance that they will be spared any inconvenience. Those among them for whom the merciless obliteration of Muslims serves to blow ever so lightly upon the dying embers of their conscience, smother those uncomfortable sparks by reminding themselves that its being done to those they hate as well.

Here, despite institutional safeguards that are the envy of much of the world, and when preservation of our rights still requires no physical risk and just the modicum of courage required to risk one's social circle, our creative and administrative classes are  working overtime to bypass those safeguards to get those pesky rights out of their hair.

The loathsome Quisling was less despicable than these recreants, at least his country was conquered first.

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