October 05, 2016

The Correct Response to the Visionless Chucklehead Mentioned in the Previous Post

Two of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes have thoughts on the implications of this test and how it might  benefit humanity.

"Mass access to space is almost here!"
"Rocket powered dildos!"

Well....we'll focus on just one of those implications as we are ill-equipped to opine on the other.
The booster was not expected to survive, but was sufficiently overbuilt that it did. This indicates a very good design margin. While this system is intended for tourist flights, and strictly suborbital, it is a proof of concept rig and is intended to scale to fully orbital systems. New Glenn is the name Bezos has given to the larger members of this rocket family. 

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1 Of all the articles I've seen about this, this is the first to actually link to the video. I am undisappointed.

Oh, and who's the science babe? She has pretty eyes.

Posted by: Mauser at Wed Oct 5 20:35:02 2016 (5Ktpu)

2 Mauser, that's Mio from K-On!.

That rocket... so Kerbalicious, just without the explosions.  Helluva ride for the people in the crew capsule though.  I particularly liked the semi-powered flip, that would have been fun.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Wed Oct 5 21:31:46 2016 (vZvpB)


I was a bit afraid that after separation that the capsule would start tumbling really fast, which would kill a hypothetical crew, but it only turned over a couple of times slowly.

That really is amazing.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Wed Oct 5 21:46:28 2016 (+rSRq)

 Mauser, that's Mio from K-On!. 
And the young lady behind her whose concerns we aren't addressing is Ritsu

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Thu Oct 6 09:26:11 2016 (KicmI)

5 I think Bezos is making a big mistake by reaching for a preposterously large rocket in his desperate attempts to leapfrog Musk. For one thing, there is no economical way to transport its stages from Kent, Washington to Cape Canaveral, Florida. So, he'd have to build it at the Cape (unless he also wants to build a super-giant transport plane or airship). That means a new factory, similar to what Russians built in order to assemble N-1. It's basically peeing money into the wind. Meanwhile, observe that while Musk promotes his fantasies, his launch backlog keeps growing. That is real money. No matter how rich Bezos is, he cannot cover expenses of a real space program, especially the one at crazy scale.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Fri Oct 7 00:24:27 2016 (XOPVE)

6 Hmm, that smacks of highlander syndrome (there can only be one!). If Bezos wants to build a plant to build his rockets near to where they will launch, that is a sensible infrastructure investment.

As to how rich he needs to be: Elon Musk started with $100M. Everyone starts somewhere. And Bezos has Amazon backing him.

Elon Musk doesn't want to stop with the Falcon heavy either: His rockets get bigger too. Because you need big rockets to launch heavy payloads with chemical propulsion. Taking people anywhere beyond LEO requires heavy payloads.

I wish them all luck. The more space companies that are doing things, the more of a chance I have of getting a job with one of them one of these days.

Posted by: MadRocketSci at Fri Oct 7 06:49:23 2016 (VF34g)

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