June 01, 2015

Serial Gruberings and Other Worries

Discussions of life's little irritants is below the fold. To keep perusal of this site in the domain of leisure rather than masochism, here is a whopping 35 feet of pulchritude (and an aspie).

Biggest gripe at the moment is the continuing steady trickle of medical bills that are catching up to me now. It seems that my insurance became far less comprehensive around the first of the year and the bills that I got a month or so ago were just first, as the new system took some time to process them. Of course I'm not paying anything like what I would if I didn't have the newly Gruberized insurance, but the situation is vexing nonetheless. A few weeks ago I was deciding between apartments and pondering wether to get an air pass upgrade on my rail pass for my then anticipated trip to Japan and Korea this August. Now, thousands of dollars later, I've maxed out my credit, dropped my summer classes, am working extra hours and inquiring about working through my vacation, still owe the college money and am closer to the wire finically than I've been in over a decade. I'll be out of the hole in a month or two, but this unexpected reversal was kind of scary. 

I should note that I inquired about what reinstating the old plan would be and discovered that I could do so for the low low price of just over 800 dollars a month. 

I wonder if straightforward discussion of applying tar and feathers constitutes a true threat...

I discovered recently that the process of changing the tire on the van I'm borrowing is quite non-intuitive when the tool for lowering the spare (which resides under the chassis) is missing. 

Furthermore, I learned that if one knocks over the hubcap into which one has placed one's lug nuts, and said lug nuts roll down the parking lot incline into a storm drain, that one can take one lug nut off each remaining tire and make it to the tire store. 

It's like a Sarlack for lug-nuts

I'm beginning to suspect that Metacomet here may not, in fact, be a vector for good luck...

...but Metacomet is not responding to inquiries.

Mom and Dad left today on a three week jaunt down the coast, having only just finished repairs and upgrades to their unique-fixer-upper-opportunity of a sailboat after its engine blew up in their ill starred attempt to get to Belize last year. This trip, in addition to giving me ulcers of worry will serve as a shakedown cruise to ensure the boat is ready for an anticipated second attempt at Belize in the fall after Hurricane season passes.

Fortunately they did not bring the duck out of the van, so at least they don't have THAT working against them.

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1 Hey!  Do NOT blame the duck.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Tue Jun 2 02:07:02 2015 (jGQR+)

2 Yeah, things are bad enough without making it angry.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Jun 2 10:43:49 2015 (PiXy!)

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