September 05, 2015

School Live Episode 9

In today's episode of School Live,  Miki takes a break from analyzing the purloined papers they got from Sakura Sensei's office, and announces that she's made a surprising discovery.  

"This dog...There's no.......IT'S A ROBOTI!!"

Actually, no. 
She discovers that her day is to consist of the sort of obligatory beach episode that almost always shows up in vapid comedies about cute girls in high school being nonthreatening. Thus her surprise at it happening in this series is entirely understandable. 

Given the premise of the show, that the School Live Club is not to leave the school grounds (especially after that fiasco at the mall); a beach episode would strain credulity, but they get around this by having the girls clean the koi pond on the roof.
...of the school...
If you are pondering why there is a koi pond on the roof of the school, you are not getting into the spirit of things...or you've avoided the spoiler tags.

That a Japanese cartoon airs its summer vacation episode on Labor Day Weekend only adds to the overall unlikelyhood.

In any event, hijinks ensue. 

...including a surprisingly epic water-gun fight. 
Despite the fact that this is mostly a straight up 'day at the pool' episode the show remains engaging and intelligent, contrasting their determination to remain upbeat against the series of perpetual annoyances that is high school. 

I do note that over the last two episodes point of view has changed to the extent that the narrator is now being less dishonest than your humble reviewer.

This is a really smart and well done show, surprisingly touching in that it is about dealing with life's little problems in as upbeat a way as possible and the benefits of persistence....

You know, in hindsight this is an even more meaningful development.

Despite its overdone premise, this remains, thus far, one of the best shows this season.

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"We're pretty close to giving up on this series, aren't we?"  Said my wife, speaking for us both, while the dog growled.

If I want to be unhappy, I can drive into Columbus and go to work.  It's just that this series is too tanjed well written to abandon...yet.  We'll give it yet another episode....

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Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Sat Sep 5 09:20:31 2015 (dzzLh)

3 Well, PTNSG, that would explain much

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sat Sep 5 09:58:54 2015 (ohzj1)


Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Sat Sep 5 20:19:46 2015 (dzzLh)

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