July 13, 2013

How DOES She Pole Vault With a Walker?

No not her...that's a glider. The picture is completely unrelated to the banality below the fold.

Art by Yuugure
Mom had her foot surgery the other day and is supposed to be nearly immobile for a week and a half and not be fully functional for at least two weeks.

So naturally, when I got home from work Thursday and ran upstairs to check on her she was not in the bedroom. She was not in the bathroom...I called dad in case he had called an ambulance for her, but he was in the garage.

So we went looking for Mom who we deduced could not have got far on one foot with a walker. We found her in the kitchen attempting to make a pizza. I was a bit bewildered at how she got down two flights of stairs and I tried to explain that she needed to let me do anything that needed to be done and just take it easy for a few days...at which point she stormed out of the kitchen to get the pizza pan....but "storming" does not work well on one foot ...in a walker....so she tripped and somehow as she fell managed to have the walker pole vault her onto/into the dining room table.

Chaos ensued for several minutes, I had to stop my dad from trying to lift her, determine that she was OK and had no back or neck injuries, pick her up, and clean up the mess.

Dad should be off weight restriction from his hernia operation on Tuesday so I'll get a bit of a break.In the meantime, things are still a bit higgly pggly around here.

In other news. Thanks in no small part to 'cash 4 clunkers' I had to get parts for the Cressida MADE....The final bill is in the ballpark of 15 hundred and I pick the car up on Monday.

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1 The first law of stairs is that you're allowed to sit down and bump your way up and down. Never forget the toddler classics.

The second law of stairs is that you can sometimes do stairs easier by going backwards downstairs, if you don't want to do a toddler bump.

There are some other tricks (railings can be walkers or crutches if strong enough, that sort of thing).

However, since your mom is ornery and genki, I suspect you'd do better to camp her out on the main floor, where you can see her. In my family, sick or injured people usually end up in the family room all day and night, if possible. Find your mom something she can do with her hands that will keep her off her feet (if possible). Does she sew or do sit-down crafts? Would she like to sort the kitchen junk drawer or work on scrapbook and photo album backlogs? That sort of thing.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Sat Jul 13 21:53:57 2013 (cvXSV)

2 Hopefuly you can handle her personality. I had some trouble with my wife after surgery because she resented being waited on.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Sat Jul 13 23:44:35 2013 (RqRa5)

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