November 06, 2013

Post Mortem

The polls had the 'Cooch behind by a I type this it looks like he came within 2 percent, but he still lost...

There are a couple of reasons for this...
1: Cuccinelli was a Dork
He was not a very photogenic or engaging candidate. He was also a more hardline social conservative than I (Or more importantly Virginia tends to) like. Despite this, I find his adherence to his principles admirable, especially since not refuting them when it became expedient cost him. That's what having principals means.
To put this in perspective...We now have a governor who participated in a scam to steal the identities of and profit off dying cancer patients...see here and here.
2: The Republican establishment left him out to an extent With the notable exception of the Republican Governors association (which went all out) he State and national party seemed to not give him a lot of support. He ended up being outspent by more than 2 to one. 
3: The Libertarians made asses of themselves this time around. They did not vote for a strict constitutional civil libertarian. They voted for a Democratic plant who advocated putting tracking devices in cars to tax Virginians by the mile. Either they don't grok the concept of libertarian, or they need to lay off the ganja weed while voting. The Libertarian vote was 3 times Cucciinelli's margin of victory so thanks to Low Info Libertarians we now have this guy. Pretty much the opposite of individual freedom.

Now for the good news...

Unlike the 2012 presidential election this is not utter disaster that can never be fully recovered from.  The General Assembly is firmly in Republican hands which will hamstring any efforts by our soon to be governor to monetize hospice paitents, or whatever sleaze he may try.

As I type this the Attorney General race is too close to call. If Obenshein pulls it off, then McCaullife is further hamstrung.

As to where we go from here:
Try to educate the Libertarians when they are between their bong hits. More importantly listen to their concerns (Most of which are legit and in keeping with conservative limited government principles).

Gay Patriot has thoughts on this, the shorter version of which is...
Don't nominate another dork.

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