July 07, 2013

On The Importance of Crosschecking Ones Data

Thursday I was laid up with a terrible cold. I stayed in my room all through the 4th trying to heal up for work Friday night. Well, I got up and felt terrible but one does NOT call in the day after a holiday at UPS, so I hustled outside and....cold snap.

It was 40 degrees in July! So I ran back in put on a heavy workshirt and a hoodie and hurried off to work.

Ghaah! The heater in the van was broken!

I got to work and noticed that a bunch of crazy people were coming to work in shorts in 40 degree weather.

...oh wait.

It wasn't the weather...it was me.

Well, I lasted about 3 hrs before I broke morale and asked to go home. Fortunately I looked horrible enough that management gave me no grief, but rather encouraged me to leave.

I was MUCH better by Saturday evening.

This afternoon I was well enough to notice that I hadn't actually published this post.

So all is well I suppose.

The following picture is unrelated to the text concerning my weekend. I am very grateful for that.

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