June 08, 2007

Whisky Tango Foxtrot


Explain this...



(via the mad commentors of Wonderduck)

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1 I resemble that remark. And I don't pretend to understand it. I prefer to simply marvel at the utter strangeness of it all.

Posted by: Will at Sat Jun 9 00:27:40 2007 (olS40)


Long, long ago, I learned that Asian cultures are not foreign, they are alien.

That's a good metric to use when approaching any of this... stuff.

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Sat Jun 9 17:49:23 2007 (BZxMf)

3 To properly appreciate this art form, you need to be either young and Asian, or very, very stoned.

Posted by: Don at Sat Jun 9 20:11:22 2007 (4K6Rr)

4 Bunch of Lucky Star art and LS-inspired art, some Shana jokes, Dragon Warrior, a bit of Haruhi, and I've seen a picture including something like a dozen variants of that last finger-pointing pic, of which this one used the Touhou, Jigoku Shoujo, Haruhi, and Nanoha variants... last bit comes from a whole series of pics somebody did with Nanoha StrikerS parodying the Lucky Star OP, quite funny if you're familiar with both series.

I have NO idea what the song is. ;p

Posted by: Avatar at Sun Jun 10 13:31:35 2007 (s42Qj)

5 Yes, but WHY?

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sun Jun 10 16:27:18 2007 (FgNgv)

6 'cause it's there? ;p

The Japanese definitely have a sub-sub-culture making comic music videos based on anime - often you'll see filenames of the things tagged "MAD". (I don't know what it's short for!) Sometimes it's just funny, sometimes it's just weird, sometimes you have to get the song to get the joke.

Most accessible one I ever saw, from the English-speaker's perspective, was one that put the entire opening to Ace Combat Zero (which was in English) with Nanoha A's footage. Worked surprisingly well, though it helps that each series had a "Belkan" something or other (the war in ACZ, the knights in Nanoha)...

Most inaccessible one I ever -got- was one about a lad named Kinta, with all the graphics done in the Japanese variant of ASCII; the basic joke was that the chorus would follow "Kinta" with a verb starting with "ma", thus allowing for a "kintama" pun (which is, essentially, "balls"). If you didn't get the pun, it's the dumbest thing ever made. If you DID get the pun, it is still quite dumb!

This really isn't one of the better examples, though it might actually be secretly hilarious if you had any idea what the song was getting at. I've seen the fan art from place to place, and Lucky Star-looking fan art is almost invariably cuter'n hell - I use a Nanoha Subaru/LS pic on Livejournal myself, from the above-mentioned sequence.

Posted by: Avatar at Sun Jun 10 20:16:34 2007 (s42Qj)

7 I've been meaning to go back and listen to the ED's of the various episodes to see if this song comes up. Given the way Konata likes to sing old show tunes from anime and video games I'm guessing this song is probably the Japanese equivalent of "sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip" for the otaku crowd.

Posted by: Will at Mon Jun 11 14:37:54 2007 (SOx9v)


"...often you'll see filenames of the things tagged "MAD". (I don't know what it's short for!)"

More correctly, they're often tagged "M(shift-2)D", and it's not short for anything, actually.  The first MADs were made by someone who went by that handle, and it just stuck as a general descriptor. 

Posted by: Wonderduck at Wed Jun 13 09:30:32 2007 (pz4J1)

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