November 03, 2020

While We Await the Inevitable Chaos...

...let's take a moment to appreciate just how darned gorgeous this MOBILE game is. 

...and what a good editor Kuro Ailfa is. 

I am highly tempted to start playing this, know...gacha. 

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1 Not only, or even primarily, a mobile game! I'm playing on my big gaming PC, which makes combat a lot easier. The mobile client is useful for party maintenance and some daily quests, and I did a lot of the early story quests on it, but the controls are a bit awkward. You can switch between clients at any time.

And I've spent exactly $4.99 on the game so far. And my latest free gacha pull included one of these... (which is really handy, because I needed someone with fast Geo attacks to unlock a few chests)


Posted by: J Greely at Tue Nov 3 14:09:42 2020 (ZlYZd)

2 Honestly, it's a really good game up until the content runs out; if your gaming calendar isn't already thoroughly booked, go ahead and try it out. The actual gameplay is quite fun!

Once you HAVE finished the story that's there, it's not that great of a gacha game - very time-throttled as a way to keep you from maxing things out and discovering there's nothing left to do BUT to max things out. It also has a fairly nasty treadmill aspect in that the world will get stronger as you grind - so it's entirely possible that you can get a great character in the gacha and just bench them because the commitment to getting them leveled up to match your current characters is just too much.

So in a very real sense, it's not a bad idea to try it out, finish the current story content, and put it back down to wait for more areas to be developed (supposedly there's a new one coming in December).

I haven't spent any money, mostly because I get the feeling that it wouldn't really make any difference - what you run into isn't a wall to scale and get beyond, it's just a cliff, and even if you get higher up the cliff, you're still climbin' the cliff. It also helps that I kind of enjoy just doing the "hey, here's some free rolls" and working with what I get from that, rather than thinking "my life isn't complete unless I draw this one character at astronomically low rates!"

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Tue Nov 3 14:29:09 2020 (v29Tn)

3 I have to say...I am intrigued by the game.  But so far, the only gacha game I have played at all is Fate/Grand Order (Hi, Wonderduck!  I see another person who has max leveled Rider Medusa!).  I have Fire Emblem Heroes and Valkyrie Anatomia...But the latter was made by a Chinese studio, and I loathe touching anything from the PRC than I have to, and the former is at the 'dead man walking' stage, given Nintendo's discovery that mobile games that is not named Pokemon GO are not worth the cost.

Posted by: cxt217 at Tue Nov 3 20:00:36 2020 (4i7w0)

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