January 13, 2020

Thirty Four People

....enjoy this show.

I think I'll pass.

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1 Last night's episode may well be the dumbest ever.  The Earth was polluted and humans forced to abandon it--again.  CO2 and global warming is at fault, of course, but also nuclear war.  Also, it happened generations ago and the humans who were left behind mutated into new forms...but one of them still remembers the nukes.  This must be the 5th or 8th time the Earth was abandoned, possibly just since the show was brought back.

Posted by: Rick C at Mon Jan 13 19:05:43 2020 (Iwkd4)

2 Also--oh, heck, the Judoon are back.  BoMoHoJoMoPoLoLoFoMoGoHoBoZoSo.

Posted by: Rick C at Mon Jan 13 19:08:46 2020 (Iwkd4)

3 (that is, in Episode, 5, according to the title.)

Posted by: Rick C at Mon Jan 13 19:09:03 2020 (Iwkd4)

4 Oof.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Mon Jan 13 22:16:54 2020 (PiXy!)

5 Oh--that reminds me.  Of course the show was its usual lunatic screed of anti-corporate messaging, including the truck they were in that constantly said stuff like "this vehicle is the property of Eeeevil MegaCorp, Inc."

Posted by: Rick C at Tue Jan 14 00:14:56 2020 (Iwkd4)

6 I had mentioned previously that the previous series was the first Dr. Who I had ever watched more than a segment or clip of, as I had never enjoyed what I saw. And while I enjoyed the last series mostly, I haven't really liked much of this one. I guess the aesthetic is still interesting, but the stories have done nothing for me. Or have even been downright dumb or poorly constructed.

Posted by: Ben at Tue Jan 14 13:14:40 2020 (osxtX)

7 If this weekend's episode, in particular, hadn't been so ham-handedly anti-business and climate-catastrophe-paranoid, it COULD have been good!  Drop the nukes-and-climate-change-poisoned-the-Earth in favor of "it's on a planet previously thought to be uninhabited", but then you don't get to bludgeon people.

Posted by: Rick C at Tue Jan 14 15:45:07 2020 (Iwkd4)

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