November 11, 2012

Sword Art Online 19

If only we could...FLY or something.

Our party gets bogged down with in-game politics.

No Asuna.

No Asuna at all.

This episode has more questions than answers. We do find out who is stalking our heroes, and it seems that they have simply run afoul of gamer intrigues. The VERY long battle that ensued was one of the less satisfying as he seemed to pretty much pull that monster out of his butt.

It is perhaps significant that the monster is from the SAO game. It may be that Yui is pulling some moderator tricks.

Not one of the better episodes, but it's interesting nonetheless. That is, for an episode  that mostly consists of a fight, they do manage a surprising amount of pretty cool character exposition.

Hopefully next episode will have less of an Asuna deficit.

UPDATE: J.Greely over at .clue. has some succinct thoughts on this.

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1 They seem to be deliberately avoiding any explanation for the stunts he's pulling, with Lyfa not even questioning his combination of super-powers and total ignorance any more. The writers are walking a very tricky line, and it may end up a total mess, but at least we already got the first half of the series.

In this case, the by-the-book explanation is apparently that


Posted by: J Greely at Sun Nov 11 03:02:40 2012 (2XtN5)

2 Ah. That DOES explain it. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sun Nov 11 03:15:26 2012 (e9h6K)

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