February 13, 2011

Save the Turtles!

Oh noes! Star Turtle Village is 4 ninjas short of the number needed to maintain  our elemental decompressor! We need space turtle ninjas!

You don't wear black or blue pajamas and adventure?
You don't have experience in space?
You aren't a turtle?
Well, fear not 'cause we aren't picky!
We have a crackerjack apprenticeship program headed up by a highly respected...ummm...dolphin..ninja...biker...ummm...

...actually...we don't know WHAT the hell he is but he's very good at his job so you can learn your ninja trade right here!

Since we are classy SPACE ninjas (with a fashionable Turtle motif) we take care of our members. We have a Ramen shop, a Burger Ninja and a Pizza Witch in our food court and if that doesn't impress you we've got SCIENCE!tm, and a Party House with a fully stocked Juice Bar. We even get to beat up on  undead zombjas periodically 'cause we are just that bad ass.

Click on the banner above to start your ninja career today and not only will you be able to tell your grandkids that you saved an entire village from being elementally undecompressed....you'll even know what the heck that means!

Just remember to keep all kunai stowed and all hands and feet onboard the elephants.

Please note that this week's announcements are sponsored by:
 Ankh-Morpork Assassin's Guild:
Inhumation with a contemporary touch.

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