July 02, 2008

Rats! More Trouble at ADVision?

Via Chizumatic comes the news that ADV is again having problems. It seems they have put several titles, including the excellent Welcome to the NHK on indefinite hold.

Founded in 1992 by John Ledford and Matt Greenfield two Texas anime fans, ADV is one of the more established and prolific outfits to focus on licensing anime here.

Now it appears they, like the much larger and better financed Geneon may have fallen victim to the fact that it is pretty damned impossible to really compete with fan-subbers who's overhead consists of Mountain Dew and pretzels.......... as opposed to rights, distribution infrastructure, advertising, translator and tech salaries, taxes, legal fees, printing, inventory and rent or property taxes on the spaces needed to house said overhead.

This is not good.

UPDATE: There is very good discussion in the comments at the Chizumatic post.

ADV's website is currently down.

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