June 18, 2016

Pinch Me When This is Over

In the latest episode of High School Fleet, our intrepid Captain Akeno has a complete nervous breakdown.


What follows is not the XO relieving her and taking command, but some nonsense about everyone coming together to support the CO because she's the CO and that's what you do...and stuff...

OK that was a mess.

On to more important things....

With Sena Ingenoh having left the show, I think that Wonderduck is right, the stoic lookout is the secret star of this story. 

To maintain modesty while doing this in a skirt requires great skill indeed.

She regularly sees ships well before they are noticed on that silly thing called radar, she does her job without drama and a few episodes ago she waltzed in and saved the day when....well...there were zombies and she had a couple of supersoakers filled with Zom-B-Gone.  She certainly is the brightest flame in this dumpster fire of a series.

Meanwhile, Captain Catgirl returns. Actually, we find out that the catgirl is a commodore and is named Hiraga. There is still absolutely no explanation for why she has cat ears.

She leads an abortive attack on Musashi using a scratch force of fast but lightly armed vessels  which she handles with considerable verve, despite being completely outgunned. If one took away the whiny whininess of Akeno's neurosis in this episode, there would be a very solid 7 minute or so episode revolving around Hiraga's hopeless action and the desperate efforts  Alas, we had to sit through the other 23 minutes of Akeno sucking her toes. 

Captain Akeno's funk is abruptly resolved via condiments and the episode ends with the crew gearing up for the climactic battle which will be next week...rather than this week, presumably because they contracted for 12 episodes and had put this weeks utter non-sequiter into the show to pad out the story. 

One more episode and then I'm free. 

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Posted by: Mauser at Sun Jun 19 01:57:05 2016 (5Ktpu)

2 Yeah, I bailed on the show a few weeks back, but Lookout was, and is, my favorite.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Sun Jun 19 16:18:55 2016 (Hdexn)

3 In that shot of Lookout, and I can't help but notice that something is missing.  Something kind of important to a warship.  Say, the gun barrels?  The lines are drawn if you look carefully, but the colorist put in background...

Posted by: David at Mon Jun 20 02:48:53 2016 (YHSti)

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