June 02, 2013

OK This is Just Getting Freaky

Attack on Titan Episodes 8 & 9 seem to have largely wrapped up the 'Battle for Trost'. The show continues to surprise. It continues to have its characters develop in unconventional, but interesting ways. The nightmarish imagery continues as well and they really outdo themselves in that regard with some truly horrific visuals...

On the other hand, it is really nice to see someone who thoroughly enjoys her work.

 When last we left our protagonists they were staring in astonishment as an aberrant giant went on a rampage of giant slaying.

Episode 8 revolves around Armin getting himself together and coming up with various plans to make the most of their meager resources.

There is also a subplot involving a fellow named Jean Kirstein. He was a rather antagonistic character from the boot camp arc whose goal for enlisting was to get into the secret police and be as far from Titans as possible. He finds himself in command of a band of stragglers and discovers he must make the least terrible choices out of a bunch of truly wretched options. Both men have to overcome with considerable self doubt.  These two plot lines are fairly interesting in that they look at the ethics of leadership in a way that escapist fiction rarely does. It's also peculiar to see some exploration of the notion that having screwed up in the past and thus having an acute appreciation for the very real possibility of failure can be beneficial to a leader ...if they have learned lessons along the way.

Of course the show would not be Attack on Titan if there was not at least one huge surprise...

Episode 9 introduces some new characters far removed from the previous episodes. We meet a group of the recon forces who are headed up by this fellow...

Levi is aloof, cold and a germaphobe with borderline OCD. He is also VERY good at his job and despite his cold exterior cares deeply for his team, of whom the most enthusiastic is this woman.

I have no idea what the name of this Nerd Girl of Slaying is...but I like her. She seems to be a scientist or at least interested in studying the Titans. She initially comes off as a bit of a goof, being bookish and impulsive. However, she's quite competent as a fighter and fully embraces the need to kill the monsters, which she does with great verve and enthusiasm.

The main thrust of this digression is to establish that the recon corps are still suffering about 30% losses on each patrol and are now setting up a series of bolt-holes in the occupied areas in anticipation of a push to rid the area between the first ans second walls...that becomes moot when they receive word that Wall Maria has been breached and they rush back to assist.

I'm not sure WHAT the hell is going on here, but it's damned interesting. This show continues to intrigue me and it's definitely holding my interest.

Damn it's weird.

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