March 14, 2013

Media Blasters Status / Other News

Media Blasters has posted an announcement on their website clarifying their situation. The rumor that they had no business liscence hit them hard as did an injury to the owner. Several titles are no longer in their possession and at least two are owned by them but with no plans for release. It seems that they intend to sell those rights to other companies.

The only labels MB will continue to acquire and release in for 2013 are AnimeWorks, Tokyo Shock and Kitty. In addition there will be a focus to produce and release original productions through Fever Dreams.

So they are not in fact dead, though they are limping. I find it strange that they are going all in on their hentai line with one title a month in the pipeline. I would have thought that that would have been the hardest to get sales for given current technological realities. Perhaps the licenses were very cheap.

I noted in passing that Robert's Anime Corner Store recently covered this too, but I noticed  a discrepancy between the RACS post (a few days old) and the current press release at Media Blasters. Squid Girl Season 2 is no longer on their list of "owned but not being distributed".

This is true on the Meada Blasters PR page and their Facebook page.

I wish they weren't being so koi... I'll just bob about here until they let minnow something"

I don't know if this omission means anything but I allow myself a tenuous hope as their dub of Squid Girl season 1 was superb.

In other news the High School of the Dead manga is re-starting in Dragon Age on April 9th.

Crunchyroll will be streaming the missing episodes of Girls und Panzer on March 28th.

"Panzer VORE!"
"No Saori, the word is VOR...You'll loose your broadcast license if you say vore on the air.
"I don't get it""
"That's 'cause you're a good person."

Gentle readers, if you don't get the joke don't google it.
I wish to God I hadn't.

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