May 10, 2014

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions - Heart Throb

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions was an absolutely superb series, being both hilarious and poignant. It also had a satisfying ending that quite effectively wrapped things up, so I've been ponsdering the sequel with some trepidation.

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions - Heart Throb is set just a few weeks after the end of the previous show and pretty much takes up where it left off. There is a bit of hand waving regards the progress Rikka seemed to make in the last episode and some hand waving to explain why a class concious climber like Nibutani is still hanging with these whackadoodles, and further hand waiving regards Dekimori's hair, but it otherwise continues the story, and, well, two episodes in, I've laughed out loud a few times. 

It certainly seems to be worth the time thus far. 

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1 As you are still watching it, I won't get too detailed here, but amongst last seasons series it was one of the better ones. You are correct regarding the hand waving and that is the biggest problem with the series, as far as I was concerned. The first series did such a wonderful job of moving her past the past that it was kind of sad to see them retro her a bit.

The napping competition is wonderful. They even manage to parody themselves a bit. Lovingly, I might add.

The new neighbor seems to fade as the series runs, but comes back towards the end and becomes a great character.

Posted by: topmaker at Sat May 10 14:39:05 2014 (2yZsg)

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