September 04, 2008


What, gentle readers, is this?

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1 {sagematt} zaitcev, it's a crossover between Touhou and FFVII
{sagematt} Advent Cirno
{zaitcev} I cannot recognize Touhou elements, sadly.
{Aroduc} Look for: hat, skirt, lack of breasts.
{Aroduc} If all three are present, probably Touhou.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Thu Sep 4 19:33:38 2008 (/ppBw)

2 Cirno (snow fairy, weak joke character) is taking the place of Chrono. China's (Mei Ling, door guard, abused joke character) in the background. I think the one on the left is Udonge Reisen (lunar rabbit, and nightmarish in any group of characters that wasn't from Touhou...)

Touhou is a series of arcade-style shooters for the PC... think games like the old 1942, but much more refined and with a difficulty pegged to max (and then far, far, far beyond). You might wanna try one out; think you can download most of them at, along with a metric ton of fan material.

Keep in mind that the games are really thin on story and character development (it's a series of curtain-fire games, not RPGs!) However, the fan community has really taken off with the characters and done some fun stuff. You can spend a whole day or two just reading funny translated doujins about Alice, Reimu, and Marisa.

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Fri Sep 5 03:34:42 2008 (pfysU)

3 Thanks guys! 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Sep 5 13:10:37 2008 (V5zw/)

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