April 21, 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

I'm not really keen on magical girlfriend shows, but when the magical girlfriend is Nyarlathotep I've got to watch at least one.

 This was much better than it ought to have been. I ended up watching both of the episodes that have aired as of tonight and I'll add it to my list. The shows premise is that the Lovecraft Mythos is real, but Lovecraft, perhaps because he was a paranoid bigot , got a lot of stuff wrong. The magical girlfriend (seen holding the blasphemous, baleful big-gulp above) is Nyaruko, an alien. Nyarlathotep is actually the name of her race. She claims to be an intergalactic cop who's been in Tokyo trying to disrupt the lucrative hentai smuggling trade (Tentacle pr0n is popular with several mythos races. Who'd've thunk it?), She claims to have then stumbled onto a related slavery operation that involves a plot to kidnap a fellow named Mihiro Yasaka for ghastly and indescribable purposes. With the help of an "unspeakable tire iron"  she saves him from several night-gaunts (which Lovecraft was largely right about) and proceeds to inform him that to keep him safe she'll have to move in with him...and he is totally her type.
Cyclopean hijinks ensue.

This show made me laugh out loud. I'm very surprised that they got so many mythos jokes to cross the language barrier. It's a fun show that uses the 'shotgun method' of humor and aims at targets far removed from Lovecraft as well. Despite the implied love dodecahedron in the credits it appears to actually involve a love...umm...line and not be a harem show.
Of course its geometry is less Euclidian in other areas.
 Be advised though that It manages to be at once quite clever and bone-crushingly stupid ...which in itself risks some san loss.

An abominable, aberrant, anomalous, appalling, atrocious, and animated alien ahoge!

My one concern revolves around my sincere hope that the "fork thing" is not a 'Buy the Blue Ray' hook for the gurochan crowd.

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