June 17, 2013

Haiyore Nyarko-san Wanker

"You say Mee-Go, he says Mi-Go but all I care about is that away from here I go"

I dunno WHAT the "W" stands fore but I'm stikkin' with my theory. The original series was not exactly good, but it mildly amusing and occasionally clever. Every episode made me at least chuckle  once.

This sequel alternates between execrable and stupid.

I mean...odd numbered episodes are execrable. Even numbered episodes are merely stupid. Odd numbered episodes tend to have everyone out of character and have the show written as a straight harem comedy devoid of Lovecraft Jokes, or any but the most tendentious attempts at humor. Even numbered episodes are bone-crushingly stupid, have the characters acting in accordance with their frequently warped motivations and generally remember that the blonde, under all that moe' is a trap and the redhead is not interested in guys. The even numbered episodes also differentiate themselves from the odd,  by remembering that the protagonists three roommates are aliens disguising themselves as humans with vastly different biology, ...and oh yeah nerd jokes.

These differences are most visible across a two part episode, where it appears the characters are from two completely different series.

I really think there are two different writing teams one of which is using a harem comedy trope generator and is unaware of the actual characters or the fact that it's not actually a harem comedy, but is close enough to parody them...

Neither odd nor even episodes are at all good, but the even episodes are making me laugh occasionally....and groan often. Of course, even at that I can't recommend this show in good conscience due to the fact that it is objectively terrible and finding the less abominable ones becomes problematic after episode 8 when the two writing teams division of labor seems to have become chronologically inconsistent.

Stupidity on ice.

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1 If they're all aliens with radically different biologies, aren't all three of them "traps"?

I dunno, the flash shorts were so apocalyptically dull that I never bothered with the actual series, original or sequel.

Posted by: Mitch H. at Tue Jun 18 08:42:29 2013 (jwKxK)

2 Well, probably.  We don't get see Nyarko's true form directly but our hero did briefly in season 1 causing him to lament between inchohate burblings that it would take months for him to recover his san loss.

I found the first 3/4 of the first series to be fairly enjoyable.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Tue Jun 18 09:13:32 2013 (F7DdT)

3 The first series fell apart around the halfway mark for me, and the only thing that kept me watching was Kuuko. What I've seen of the second series has convinced me that Nyarko herself is the worst part of the show.

I don't know if the novels are this badly written or if they're just making up random crap for the show, but either way, it's not working.


Posted by: J Greely at Tue Jun 18 10:56:13 2013 (+cEg2)

4 I also enjoyed most - not all -  of the first season.   I made it about ten minutes into ep1 of second.  Did they change writers or just decide to turn the stupid up to "11"?

Posted by: Tiberius at Tue Jun 18 15:50:39 2013 (97M8h)

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