September 27, 2009

Doujin Works

Left to right, Tsuyuri, Najimi, Justice, and his  pupil/ assistant/charge Sora

Based on a 4 panel strip, the 9 minute show follows college student Najimi Osana who upon losing her job is offered a one day job by her friend Tsuyuri. The job turns out to be selling Tusuyuri's rape-hentai doujin at Comiket. Initially appalled, our heroine does some quick mental calculations of the numbers of books her friend is moving. After meeting Justice, a childhood friend who is a  wealthy and legendary doujin-ka, she takes an oath to make her fortune in fanfic Pr0nz!  Soon she's learning that manga requires actual artistic talent,  all about printing costs and the fact that certain doujin artists might owe their rock-star lifestyles more to independent wealth than Comic Market income.

Our heroine is undeterred by any of this however.Through sheer determination she proceeds to acquire a table...a rival...and a fan. Now all she needs is content.

This is an odd little show and the dvd is not without its problems...while the first volume comes with the manga, nearly half of each disc is a live action segment  concerning two of the voice actors trying to do a manga...which means I paid 14.99 for 50 minutes of sketch comedy and 50 minutes skits did nothing for me. Additionally the lettering in the manga is sized wrong. The letters are so small that I recommend a magnifying glass. The package suffers from this quite a bit.

As to the show itself, it is an off color show but cute show. It would likely not have worked as full length or even half length episodes, but the skit format suits its little stories. It is little better animated than an old UPA cartoon, but the animators actually have some fun with this and make the most of their limited budget. The characters are enjoyably quirky. At this point I've watched the whole thing and, despite the high level of background slash radiation and female nosebleeds.... I laughed. 

3 bricks

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