May 27, 2012

Chekov's Zodiac

This episode of Bodacious Space Pirates started out as a bit of a mess.

It muddled along as a moderately enjoyable collection of random events until suddenly...

It all began to come together.

Why is she wearing her pirate hat in the dingy?.Oh never mind..

Every random bit is there for a reason, either to ad to the plot, or distract from it or provide nice character continuity. 

This episode is a rollicking good time but it is has a much darker edge than earlier ones. This is a real battle and in the worst possible circumstances.

This show really exemplifies why Japanese kids shows are sometimes more satisfying than many American live action dramas. These kids are striving to be adults. They don't always succeed at that (they are kids) but they have goals and dreams and they generally behave as young adults. They take their responsibilities seriously.  In a lot of contemporary shows here the adults are trying desperately to avoid responsibility, whine a lot and generally act like kids.

Also this show has space battles, dogfights...and silly pirate hats that make perfect sense in context.

I'll call this one a win.

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