October 19, 2007

Cacaphony of Crap

   Mostly I'm studying for Exams. So I've watched precious little anything other than the inside of my textbooks and ODU's  Blackboard site.

Fortunately Ubu has been watching crap so we don't have to.

It's not ALL crap of course but this season really has little to interest me.

Ubu does provide some important historical perspective to the new shows.

If WWII had been like this, Roosevelt would have looked like Professor X and have been crippled years ago by his quasi-enemy, Super Seiyjin Stalin; Hitler would have been the lunatic madman out to conquer/end/dominate/destroy the world, Mussolini would have been the jilted bishie lover of both Roosevelt and Stalin, Churchill would have been an angsty teenager, and Hirohito would have been a cute female high-schooler in a sailor outfit trying to end world militarism in time for this semester’s finals.

Which gives an idea of why Bridgebunnies.com should be checked out periodically


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And to continue Ubu's theme:

Rommel and Monty would have been childhood best friends forced to fight each other individually in super-tanks.  Of course, Monty would drive a classified super prototype, and Rommel a red 'ace custom'.

Posted by: Mr. Blue at Sat Oct 20 06:51:00 2007 (VVSOl)

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