November 05, 2008

Black Lagoon, Second Barrage,Third DVD

Black Lagoon is a fairly dark show. Rather darker than I ordinarily like.
 The improbable story of 3 Americans and a Japanese Salaryman operating as a band of more or less ruthless modern day pirates out of northern Borneo is not happy or lighthearted in any way. It has, however been a perversely fun show, heavy on the action, snark, and over the top situations.

Volumes one and two of the second series had fallen into a pattern of one or two gruesome shows followed by a sad episode and then one or two shows very satisfyingly stocked with violence sarcasm, and girls in hotpants committing all manner of improbably spectacular theoretically reproducible violence while shouting obscenities.  In other words "win".

Volume two in particular had this delightfully gratuitous bit of dreadfulness...

....Sawyer, the local corpse disposal expert who sidelines as an assasin is an implacable, mute, chainsaw wielding  goth chick delivering her sinister one liners through an ultravoice.

I mean really....THAT is quality entertainment boys and girls!

When volume 3 came out I picked it up at once.  I headed over to Allans house, we broke out the popcorn and popped the dvd in. Our reactions can be accurately summed up via the following illustration.

Holy hell that was merciless! We have finally discovered the point of diminishing returns in pathos, gratuity, and gutpunchery. Yikes!

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1 Oh dear. That's what I was afraid of, after that last episode.  And when you consider that the first dvd of Second Barrage earned the comment "f*cking harsh" from Dr. Heinous and I, that isn't promising. 

Posted by: ubu at Mon Nov 10 00:31:37 2008 (qWAin)

2 I can't even describe it as a "bad end" because it isn't an 'end' to the story/'s just the last episodes of the series. However, given the fact that the story arc in question is well and truly over. If there is a 3rd barrage I'll probably watch it. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Nov 10 22:58:16 2008 (UmRf5)

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