September 03, 2014

AMVs From Before Time Began

A bit of Anime Music Video history....

One can certainly do worse than Takahashi and Terasawa. 

Neither Space Cobra nor Urusei Yatsura were big hits in the US, both had been off the air in Japan for over 5 years when the videos were made, but the videos did pique some interest in anime at the time as they were shown on MTV.

However, it may be surprising to learn that that in 1991 AMVs were not really new. In fact fans had been making them for some years (mostly via Betamax), trading them and occasionally showing them at cons. 

Due their existing long before internet streaming video existed in it's current form, and the limitations of magnetic tape as a medium, very few of the really early AMVs can be found. However, this faded, umpteenth generation copy of one I saw between 1989 and 90 is on You Tube...

It's been 24 years so I'm not sure WHO did it, but I think it was either Pam Buck or Keith Mayfield.  

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1 When I lived in Philly and went to the Philadelphia Animation Society meetings, there was a guy named Steve Cunningham, (IIRC) who also made AMV's One of the better ones was Mr. Roboto using Gundam footage.

I always thought it would be amusing to use footage from Tezuka's Bagi set to the tune of Devo's Pink Pussycat.

Posted by: Mauser at Thu Sep 4 02:20:45 2014 (TJ7ih)

2 A conversation with an old friend has brought the correction, it was Johnathan Cunningham who made some of those early AMVs that I mentioned.

He also did an awesome masquerade costume of Peace from Wizards.

Posted by: Mauser at Tue Sep 9 19:04:30 2014 (TJ7ih)

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