March 14, 2015

A Question For My Readers

"And now, the REAL battle begins!"

I'm wondering if I was having problems with Crunchyroll's stream or if this episode of Log Horizon was really animated at about 4 fps?
The story is still interesting enough that it was a thoroughly enjoyable 30 minutes, but if this was not a streaming issue and current trends continue, the next episode might be done in synchro-vox.

It was nice to see Isaac of all people get some depth, and the whole series of scenes with him and the prince was not only entertaining in its own right, but moved one of the plot points forward nicely. 

The big developments in the episode however were the little side snippets involving reaction to Shiroe's announcement to the Round Table.

Next week certainly looks exciting. I noted no live action lips in the preview so I'm doubly looking forward to it. 

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1 I'm a bit behind on my Log Horizon viewing, but as to Rudy

Posted by: Siergen at Sun Mar 15 13:54:02 2015 (Cvfrl)

2 A little OT for this episode, but something rather interesting has occurred to me while watching anime:

It seems to me like the Japanese have a better understanding of their nerds. They seem like they understand much better what makes them tick psychologically. Shiroe is pretty much an archetypical nerdy introvert: He prefers to work with the abstract, he prefers to stay in the background of a situation and get at an understanding of the problems he faces before moving. He's happy when his friends are having fun, but he's usually watching the fun from the background. etc.

I wonder why anime writers are better at this, and why in just about every bit of western pop culture I can think of, nerds are misunderstood at best, and usually dehumanized?

Posted by: MadRocketSci at Sun Mar 22 12:29:52 2015 (GtPd7)

3 PS - I have too many aliases going on the internet. I've posted here before as ams. MadRocketSci is another one I go on at my blog.

Posted by: MadRocketSci at Sun Mar 22 12:38:46 2015 (GtPd7)

4 PPS - I'm not intending nerd or introvert in the perjorative sense. It's probably symptomatic of our popular culture that there's no way to refer to this type of personality *but* in a perjorative sense. (Seriously, where does this come from anyway? It's all pervasive. Japan could make Log Horizon or Mouretsu Pirates, but the US is stuck with the Big Bang Theory. And where has our sci-fi gone?)

I really like the characters in this series. Nyanta is pretty much chivalry personified. (Can't be easy for him, and yet he's always keeping his comrades' spirits up.) Shiroe is awesome. Even the shopping street 8 guy is awesome (Seriously? A capitalist as a protagonist, doing what merchants actually do? Pinch me!)

Posted by: MadRocketSci at Sun Mar 22 13:21:57 2015 (GtPd7)

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