July 27, 2007

A Mystery Solved

 Bleach has a lot of things that are fantastic and strain credulity...magic, superheroes, multidimensional travel, invisible monsters and psychic powers. But few things strain credulity like the fact that Orihime,  is pining after our hero and he is either oblivious or is ignoring her attentions....

This should fail the suspension of disbelief test...she's a bit odd, indeed goofy on occasion....
....but she's a very interesting, intelligent person with a strong moral compass and general decency and is cute (and a  chesty Asian redhead!?) Yet he is utterly oblivious to her attentions.

Invisible monsters I can handle...but this....

But now...I...understand...

Update: Regards asinine theories in the comments. Loituma is a traditional Finnish folk band.

Also, If you prefer your Finnish earbugs with a more contemporary flavor (and to eventually end)  then click below....you know you want to.

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1 I've got no idea what you were trying to say there.

That clip is actually sort of soothing. Maybe memorizing is a better word. I could watch and listen to that for hours.

Posted by: astro at Fri Jul 27 23:06:47 2007 (q4NkN)

2 Gah!  I was kidding before, but now I can't stop listening to it.  What the heck is it?  It sounds like a jazzed up version of a Russian folk song with nonsense syllables in place of words.  It is driving me nuts.

Posted by: astro at Fri Jul 27 23:16:07 2007 (q4NkN)

3 I guess I'm slow. I finally figured it out.

It's a Jewish folk song, not Russian, and her hair clip is replaced by a Star of David. He doesn't like her because she's a Jew.

Not so funny now.

Posted by: astro at Fri Jul 27 23:34:25 2007 (q4NkN)

4 Nononono...it can't be like that! As I was entranced by the spinning leek, I'd missed the Star of David...(that was a cute touch) I was entranced by the spinning leek. No I don't think anti semitism is involved this time. Just can't get tune out of head.....

Posted by: Ken Talton at Sat Jul 28 00:26:44 2007 (U/bc0)

5 I wondered how I missed this, and then I realised that this was posted the week I was dead of food poisoning.

We're both a year behind the event.  I don't know whether that is good or bad...

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sat Sep 15 22:54:03 2007 (PiXy!)

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