January 10, 2016

Well. This is Awkward.

From Episode 3-8 of RWBY, in which the not quite eponymous Ruby manages, through pluck and cleverness, to figure out some of what is happening and for a glorious moment become a major force moving the plot forward in her own show. 

This episode superbly captures the bi-polar nature of this series. In 17 minutes, it provided us with a highly improbable hand-wave, as well as a scene that clumsily dropped some plot points in a thoroughly perfunctory and dubiously characterized manner.

The same episode managed to be funny, touching and provided more insight into Blake's character and motivations in a minute and a half than most shows can manage for their characters in a season.

It also touched again on that plot thread from a month ago, where Pyrrha is trying to come to terms with a dreadful choice she has been presented with that may involve a fate worse than death. This whole sequence was poignant and surprisingly well done. Jaune is a dork, and frequently out of his depth, but he is not actually stupid.

For instance he immediately realizes that this is obviously a trap of some sort... 

The ending of the episode truly brings home the fact that 17 minutes and 4 seconds is too little time for an episode because NOW I HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Oh dear...

This episode involved a bunch of people standing around and talking, but boy, does it have me on the edge of my seat. 

Thus is the conundrum of RWBY, which is dreadfully uneven and yet thoroughly enjoyable. 

I swear if next week is one of those fauxcumentary filler videos I'm going to scream. 

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