July 07, 2019

More on D-Live

A few months ago we embedded a video concerning the YouTube alternative D-Live, which emerged in the wake of the YouTube-purge before-last as a free speech platform based on blockchain technology. 

The video took the position that D-Live was not just a new and untested platform, it was a scam. Since then there has been some walkback around the web including by the fellow who made that video. 

In the wake of his retraction and apology, SFO  recently conducted an interview with Allen Chan, one of the founders(and current Director of Growth) of D-Live

In the course of the interview, which was conducted by Direct Message, SFO established that D-Live is not at all the scam people initially feared it was. 

It's far worse.

In the interest of data redundancy, the full conversation is screen capped here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


D-Live is a Chinese company and given the situation with the Orwellian TOS's of China affiliated (and China curious) companies, I suspect that in addition to the issues noted in the video, D-Live is a sort of honey-pot phishing scheme. The company's marketing appeals to people with eclectic views who seek to avoid walking on eggshells and risking demonetization/deplatforming. All the while D-Live is Hoovering up all their critical data (identities, credit card and routing numbers) of a self selected cross section of the sorts of people that want to maintain anonymity and have views that are likely to get them banned, brigaded, and demonetized, and that data, collated in one place is a commodity in and of itself, being of the greatest value to the worst people. 

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A Small Bit of Encouragement

Just click here


"Our fears of impending Molotov cocktails may be overblown."

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July 06, 2019

Given My Current Lack of a Computer...

It makes sense that I ought to look into automatic content generation.

My contribution in bold...
The re-entry capsule was shaking like a paint mixer as Christine punched impotently at the now black touch screen. The blood droplets that had hung in the air were now red rivulets running off her facemask. Callahan's corpse was pressed against the floor with his lifeless leg now draped across her torso, 3 times as heavy as it should be. Christine took a moment to note that there seemed to be far more blood in the capsule than ought to have been accounted for by such a little man, when a loud pop shook her from her contemplation and all that blood began to foam and boil. Her heart nearly broke but didn't at first. It took a minute later. "Christ, do you hear that?" the other woman cried. The smell of dead animal was overpowering at that rate. Christine nodded. The liquid of her life was dripping down her body to the floor, pouring right and left. "We can keep moving forward if you please, Christine," Callahan replied. It dawned on Christine that maybe he couldn't hear her when she was calling him names. "I do not think you're listening," he told her. "But if you hear me," she repeated, trying to drown out the pounding in her chest and head, "I'm getting off your back; get out of here. Please, you are not listening to me, callah

Hmmm....not quite as genre savvy as I'd like. 
(H/T Don)

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Oh Wow. That's a Take.

It appears that the staff of the Extra Credits YouTube channel have gone mad.

Jeremy over at The Quartering has an analysis of what may be the dumbest take in quite a while on video game skins. 

Full disclosure.
We've linked to Extra Credits previously
We are sorry.
Note that back then, StargazerA5 did warn us in the comments that the Channel in question was exhibiting the initial signs of madness. 

UPDATE: Via Pixy, there's more here
Watching a movie where the bad guys win does not make you cheer real life criminals. The reason is very simple, those things are not real life. Real life is people like Andy Ngo being beat up by a bunch of masked thugs. The mainstream media and left wing activist cheering these cowards on, that will turn people into Nazis long before any video game.
I'm no longer linking directly to the video in question, it's embedded in the last link if you must see it. 

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"I Don't Need to Worry. I Use a VPN."


According to Computer weekly, it seems that a third of VPNs are owned by the Chi-Coms. 

But wait. There's more:
For example, seven of the top VPN services are owned by Gaditek, based in Pakistan. This means the Pakistani government can legally access any data without a warrant and data can also be freely handed over to foreign institutions, according to VPNpro.

I don't know why this surprised me in the least, since any service offering internet anonymity is the obvious thing for a surveillance state to get involved in infiltrating. 

So. Do any of the tech savy readers here have any specific recommendations for Virtual Private Networks they know are solid?  

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July 04, 2019

NEAT! (Maybe)

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Still Don't Have a Computer

Video is tangentially related. 


I'm pondering a switch from Apple to Raspberry. 

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Happy 4th!

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