January 19, 2013

A brief conversation in an Italian restaurant during the cultural decay of civilizations last years

Though classes started on Monday, the first day I've actually been able to attend class was today. I also returned to work this morning so it was a full day. my last class gets out at 7PM and on the way home I dropped by the house of occasional commenter Dalek Hal (link NSFW). We decided to hit a local Italian restaurant to kibitz.


Me: So, how is the art coming? You mentioned you had some commissions.
Dalek Hal: Well, yes. But...This guy had done a sketch for me and wanted me to do one of his characters.
Me: OK?
Dalek Hal: She's this chick wearing a sweater-vest and slacks....but he wanted her.....
Me: ...
Dalek Hal: He wanted her in quicksand.
Me: O_O
Dalek Hal: Anyway, it was just a quick sketch so I did it ...and it got like 600 hits in a matter of hours. People really....they complemented me on the texture of the quicksand...they were really into this girl stuck in quicksand and people on Deviant Art started PMing me to see if they could use the pic for their forums...There are forums.
Me:......about girls in quicksand?
Dalek Hal: (looking very bothered) I think so.
Me: (looking very bothered)...
Dalek Hal: I...really got an awful lot of hits on that one piece and all these people started asking for more of them so....I did an experiment. I drew another one.
Me: I'm eating
Dalek Hal: But different.
Me...OK. Different how? Not in quicksand?
Dalek Hal: Oh no...IN quicksand, but a different character....Rainbow Dash actually.
Me: (after a near calamitous mishap involving Mountain Dew) "wheeze" So...how long have you been drawing...ponies?
Dalek Hal: I don't really. I just was curious. 
Waitress: Mine's Fluttershy...
Dalek Hal: What?
Me (jumps)
Waitress: My favorite pony.
Me: A young lady, who watches My Little Pony. That's so heteronormative it warms my heart. No I'm not really into...
Dalek Hal: OH NO! You sent me that video, you put PMVs on your blog! You showed me the Miku Miku dance video with Anthropomorphic Ponies....you got me into this so don't you pretend...
Me: I thought some of them were cute. I linked to them for comedy relief, not as a lifestyle marker.
Waitress: You're a Brony Blogger?
Me: No.
Dalek Hal: You sent them to me!
Me: I didn't think you were going to put them in quicksand...
Waitress: O_O (leaves)
Me: I have to know. Did you....get a lot of hits for Rainbow Dash in Quicksand?
Dalek Hal: Not really.
Me: I find that reassuring actually.
Dalek Hal: Yeah, there doesn't seem to be any crossover there at all.
Me: So are you going into the quicksand niche?
Dalek Hal: Well...there's a LOT of interest, I could get half a dozen commissions now but...oh that reminds me....
Me: What?
Dalek Hal: Ginger or Mary Anne?
Me: Huh? There's not enough info in the show to make that decision. I mean no one knows what there interests and hobbies are, or...
Me: OK, Mary Anne...the chances for catastrophic crazy seem marginally less. How did quicksand remind you of this?
Dalek Hal: These have both bugged me for a while...see most every guy says Mary Anne...but I'm curious...Who would women pick?
Me: 'depends on how yuri they are I suppose...
Waitress: Did you just say "Yuri"?
Dalek Hal: Hey! If you were stranded on Gilligan's Island, who would you want. The Skipper, The Professor or Gilligan?
Waitress: That sounds like HELL...wait...wasn't there a millionare?
Me: He's married.
Waitress: %#&@!...
Dalek Hal: How about Gilligan?
Waitress: He's ugly and mildly retarded. Ewwww!
Me: He can act.
Waitress: Huh? Was he in anything else?
Me: He was Maynard G. Krebs in Dobey Gillis. He was a beatnik.
Waitress: Huh?
Dalek Hal: Kind of like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
Me: But with poetry.
Dalek Hal: Wasn't Shaggy based on Krebs?
Me: ISTR Scooby Doo started out as an animated Dobey Gillis.
Dalek Hal: How about the Professor? He can make anything out of coconuts...he's smart...kind of like a time lord.
Me: (Eyeroll)
Waitress: (after  and audible "Squeeeee!") I LOVE Dr. WHO! Who'syoufavoriteDoctor?
Dalek Hal/Me: Pertwee
Waitress: ???
Dalek Hal: Third Doctor
Waitress: Oh, the old stuff. I saw one of those. The Master looked just like the Devil! So who's your favorite companion?
Me: Martha.
Waitress: She got a bum deal didn't she?(leaves)
Me: So any other commissions?
Dalek Hal: A few.
Me: Anything else especially weird...I mean weird like the time that guy wanted you to do that set showing  Deunan from Appleseed slowly turning into an anteater?
Dalek Hal: (shudders)  Not lately. Just pinups mostly....Holy crap! This is a lot of spaghetti!
Me: Yes....I think we're both going to need a box.
Dalek Hal: Pinky Pie
Me: Huh?
Dalek Hal: Pinky Pie would be a great companion for the doctor!

The conversation got strange after that.

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1 My conversation with geeks are never that interesting. Mr. Duck may attest to that...

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Thu Jan 31 20:20:31 2013 (RqRa5)

2 Well, yes, but we were busy stuffing our faces with sushi, Pete.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Thu Jan 31 22:05:27 2013 (41uEd)

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