January 16, 2013

Oh Wow! I did not know this!

Bunnyroll is on Cruncydrop!

...or something....

I've only seen episode one of this inspiring little show.


I actually have something to watch this season.

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January 03, 2013

Because We Aim to Please:

Recently Pete Zaitcev won the "Why is the blog infested with Lamias?" contest and as a prize got to pick a post topic and chose to ask what my favorite manga is and why I like it better than others.

I must confess that I've been exceedingly busy and haven't read much manga at all for the last 18 or so months...with one exception.  While my to-read pile has gotten quite large, I've stuck with reading Yotsuba&! all that time.

Yotsuba; the titular character of this charming book, is a precocious child who has been adopted by her father from some far away place in the developing world. To her naive eyes everything in Japan from sunflowers to doorbells is fascinating and a potential springboard to adventure...or mischief.There is no real plot, though there is a bit of continuity.  The series consists of sketch comedy and is greatly assisted by Azuma Kiyohiko's outstanding comedic timing in the comic medium as well as his amazing ability to see the world with a child-like sense of wonder. This, the expressive art, memorable secondary characters and refreshing innocence make this outstanding series a rare gem. I highly recommend it to anyone.

However, EVERYONE likes Yotsuba&! (except bad people). I don't think I have ever seen a bad review. Furthermore, since I haven't been reading other manga for over a year I can't give the comparative review Pete asked for or the book deserves.

Finally, it is obvious from his request that Pete's request for a review was not at all what he really wanted, but a fallback position.

It seems that Pete is, in reality, uninterested in such refreshing innocence and actually wanted something entirely "other" but felt it was a bridge too far. Well we here at Brickmuppet Blog aim to please, so gird you loins as we cross that bridge...The Bridge Over the River Kowai.

Good people should not look below the fold, for that way lies depravity.

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