October 22, 2010


Update: Urp...HT Wonderduck

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October 14, 2010

Genre Identification FAIL

Was it false advertising or just a dishonest narrator?

Steven Den Beste posts on Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girl. He has his usual thoughtful and in depth analysis but these two passages seemed to be the money quote.

" ....it's clear that we're not looking at a show about political intrigue....

.....It's a harem show that includes a magical girl."

That would be...jarring.

Do read the whole thing.

I'm not busting on Steven here. This actually reminds me of the time I thought that This Ugly Yet Beautiful World was going to be a superhero show, but it soon became obvious that that was wrong and it seemed to be a magical girlfriend show with increasingly creepy undertones. Of course both these early notions were incorrect. After watching the whole thing (I HAD paid for it after all) it became apparent to me that this was a show intended to take six hours out of the tapestry of ones life and stitch in its place a foetid, soiled knot of, contempt, disgust, and buyers remorse. 

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