November 09, 2016

A Few Quick Thoughts on this Mornings Upset

I was pleasantly impressed with Trump's magnanimous acceptance speech, which has, at least for a time, tempered the very mixed emotions I had voting for him.

In fairness, I was also pleasantly surprised with Madame Secretary's prompt and congenial concession.

The U.K. Independent, which is certainly NOT on the Trump train, has some surprisingly reassuring thoughts.

Sarah Hoyt, who, like me held her nose tightly and voted for the fellow, has some very somber thoughts that deserve to be read in full.

(Update: Kelly Anne Conway really is the acme of political consultants.)

I should note that as much as we here at Brickmuppet Blog disagree with President Obama, when he was elected, we  did not mock him and we defended or spoke up on his behalf on those rare occasions he did something we thought to be good, proper, sensible or at least defense-able

So we can only react with mockery to this.

"Mock mock mockety mock."

A lot of people are worried. Even many of us that voted for him believe that Trump warrants considerable vigilance. Rest assured though that the press will provide that oversight with verve and a sense of urgency in exactly the same way that they wouldn't have for his opponent.  

So lighten up.


Takumi Yanai's work may not be the only evidence of time travel....

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1 Those #NotMyPresident buffoons?  Someone should ask them how they felt about the people who said the same about Obama, and then point and laugh when they say "That's different!"

Posted by: Rick C at Thu Nov 10 01:20:40 2016 (ITnFO)

2 Did you see Paul Krugman's reaction to the stockmarket blip?

Paraphrasing, it was "When can we expect to see it recover?  Short answer, never."

By the end of the day it was at a record high.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thu Nov 10 01:21:39 2016 (PiXy!)

3 Yes. I laughed.
Nobel prize winner and ENRON advisor. 

I'm less amused with the riots.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Thu Nov 10 19:07:04 2016 (1zM3A)

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