November 02, 2008

A Few Quick Closing Points

Day after tomorrow the election will be held. Silly season will be over.

There is very little to cover that hasn't been said already. For those who still look at me like I've grown a third eye, then point and screech when they find out who I'm not voting for I suggest looking in the politix category .

There are a few points of interest concerning recent news.....

Barak Obamas's speechwriter has resigned. Wendy Button, John Edwards former speechwriter who was picked up by Obama after Edwards left the fray has been a very left of center individual all her life, but the last 2 months as a member of team Obama were too much...

I can no longer justify what this party has done and can’t dismiss the treatment of women and working people as just part of the new kind of politics. It’s wrong and someone has to say that. And also say that the Democratic Party’s talking points—that Senator John McCain is just four more years of the same and that he’s President Bush—are now just hooker lines that fit a very effective and perhaps wave-winning political argument…doesn’t mean they’re true. After all, he is the only one who’s worked in a bipartisan way on big challenges.

Read her whole article. She has shot her carreer to hell on principle. That takes rare guts. Of course, there is next to no coverage of this.

Then there is this....

Widely hyped (and rightly so) his plan for dealing with coal pollution involves bankrupting the industry and raising energy prices.

The current brief respite notwithstanding, we have seen this year a small sampling what skyrocketing energy prices can do. It is not pretty

Now I have no problem with phasing out Coal Power as it is terribly nasty. However, the only real alternative is nuclear and nuclear is really only practical with reprocessing. Obama is vehemently opposed to reprocessing and his support for nuclear power is both extremly tepid and a very recent development.

Much more on this by The Anchoress who provides us with this...

 Why anyone is voting for this guy, I have no idea. They said “Kansas voted against their own interests” in 2004. Well…unless your interest is high unemployment, high taxes, high energy prices in the cold, cold winter and dwindling opportunity, I don’t see how you vote for this guy,who won’t even talk to the press who like him, forget the guys he threw off his plane for not endorsing him. He hasn’t had a presser since September. Mr. Transparency. Mr. Openness.

And yes indeed, as if to confirm my earlier worries. The Øne has kicked reporters from papers that did not endorse him out of his entourage....on the heels of punishing stations that dared ask Biden non-softball questions....which was itself on the heels of the Joe the Plumber privacy violation fiasco.

On a lighter if still disturbing note, via the Duck, comes  this...AIEEEE!11!

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1 I finally found out where that "voting against their interest" meme originated. It turns out it's Marxist dogma and the term for it is "False Consciousness".

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Mon Nov 3 00:29:36 2008 (+rSRq)

2 Yes, and it still rears its ugly, ignorant, provincial head in books like "What's Wrong With Kansas"...which tells you all you need to know about the authors worldview.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Nov 3 23:14:46 2008 (yJXq1)

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