May 13, 2021

Oh. Dear.

I have a degree in History. It's not worth a lot and its acquisition realistically passes no cost-benefit-analysis. However, that useless degree does foment a bit of dread in me when I read this

Affirmation is not always a cause for unbridled joy.

Now for some music...

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May 11, 2021

No Gas

There is one gas station out of the four I passed on the way back from the dentist that still had gas. Given the line that was shutting down one lane of traffic I expect that is a transient situation. Two of the now empty stations had gas when I went TO the dentist. 

 Unlike the other stations, Royal Farms has no sign announcing their lack of gas, they have little signs on each gas pump and people are wasting that extra little bit of precious petrol to line up to read the signs. 

I would take pictures but the areas around gas station are filled with agitated angry people acting and driving crazy. 

I'm glad I filled up on Friday. 

UPDATE: Because some people are perplexed by the fact that the colloquial term in the U.S.A. for gasoline is gas despite it being a liquid... 

"Gas" was once  the colloquial term used to refer to the hydrocarbon gasses being pumped through cities (at the time mostly for illuminating and occasionally cooking). It came to mean, in that context, not the third state of matter, but a hydrocarbon fluid used for combustion. GasOl refered to a hydrocarbon fluid that behaves much like oil. And GasOl-ine appears to have been a trade name. "Gas" is a shortened form of that. 

Remember too that petrol is short for petroleum and even the kerosenes like diesel and jet fuel are much closer in behavior, (if not appearance) to heating Oil than gasoline is...Gasoline is a light end, behaves differently from other petroleum based fuels and is in some ways more dangerous to handle, making a different term a good idea. As an aside, gasoline has a very low vapor pressure and is constantly trying to be a....gas. 

In fairness, none of this is particularly obvious if one is upside down and surrounded by fires and angry spiders.

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May 08, 2021

Invest in Physical Petrol

...if you're on the East Coast of the U.S.

There has been a cyber-attack that has shut down over half of the oil flowing into the East Coast from Texas. The Pennsylvania fields alone can't carry the load and so if its not resolved by tomorrow night there will be shortages in very short order. This appears to be a ransomware attack and this may be the most consequential one ever. 

Picture is (hopefully) unrelated: 

I'm curious if the IT professionals in the audience have anything to add. 


Via Pixy comes this article with a map of the affected area. Note that amongst the many affected parties are the big military fuel depots. The U.S. Navy's in Yorktown (servicing Norfolk), The Army Transportation Command at Fort Eustis, and Langley Air Force Base. 

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May 04, 2021

A User's Manual For the Society We're Entering

Devon over at SFO has thoughts on how the cancellers are coming to terms with their increasingly being the targets of their own cancellation. Unsurprisingly, the chosen examples are not exhibiting introspection and/or awareness. 

 I, like Dev, know, have known, and/or have talked to several people who have lived through the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the fall of Weimar, the former USSR and Maoist China. To a person their reactions to the current climate is one of dread and foreboding. As some have told me "There is nowhere left to run". 

I suggest watching the whole thing, which is half an hour, However, there is a clip that must be seen to be believed at 15:37. In the clip, ContraPoints suggests as a solution to the increasingly frequent cancellation of lefties. Instead of stopping the whole process, she describes what amounts to a Maoist style struggle session in which people will be able to prostrate themselves before the mob and emerge, like a prodigal child, rehabilitated. One of the co-hosts points out (approvingly) how this is literally Maoist and they all agree that this is a point in its favor. The clip from Linday Ellis, going through a process similar to what these people imagine it would be, (rather than what it WOULD be) is terrifying for different reasons. 

I know a woman who lived through the Cultural Revolution and spent 10 years in prison and work camps. To have people nodding enthusiastically about this is bewildering and horrifying. It's like 9 year old boys playing war, but these aren't children. 

Dev's a (liberal) leftie and an Atheist, so there's things that he and I don't agree on. But he is an excellent videographer and he really nails it here. 

There is a related vid of his that is also relevant from some years ago concerning just HOW onerous this can be (doing a deep dive on a point I'd briefly touched on as one of many, earlier in the month). That video of his puts to rest the notion that one can simply batten down , move to the country and keep ones nose clean until this passes, for Lindsay Ellis is correct about one thing. It is a "Beast"; a manifestation of the darkest angels of human nature and now that it is unleashed it is insatiable. 

Stay safe everybody. Good night and good luck. 

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May 01, 2021

Happy Mayday Everybody.

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April 28, 2021

The Terrible Crush to Get Vaccinated

Yeah. After months of trying to get my vaccine appointment, having it delayed, and being told that I'm not essential enough an essential worker I finally got an appointment for my first shot. 

Above was the line. 

There was literally no one else in the Rite Aid aside from staff. I talked to the pharmacist to find out if this was where I was supposed to be for my 10:03 appointment. He looked momentarily confused and checked his computer and said "We DO have one today." He then got my info, sat me down, injected me with Moderna's Mysterious Miasma and told me that I could not leave for 15 minutes lest I keel over or something. I sat in a chair in the corner for  15 minutes and at about minute 12, someone with an Australian accent came in and asked for the shot. 

I have questions.

Why was my appointment at there was a 10:02 and 10:04? 

Why was getting this shot like pulling hen's teeth? I've been trying for MONTHS. 

Why the talk of how tight supplies are? 

I can't see what anybody GAINS by this. It seems that setting up vaccine stations as 1st come 1st serve, now that old people are taken care of would be a better option. 

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April 19, 2021

Dateline: Clown World

Not pictured: the temptress herself. 

Yes boys and girls, they finally found a motive in that Fed Ex shooting the other day and just as expected....

  "I hope that I can be with Ap­ple­jack in the af­ter­life, my life has no mean­ing with­out her,”

" 何 the f**k? "

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

What the Hell is going on?

Given that 'we live in a society' and given that same society's predilection for understanding cost-benefit, risk, and root cause analysis, there can be no doubt that the banhammers will soon be a-bonkin' this most demonstrably dangerous degenerate drama. 

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March 24, 2021

See, Blogging at Has Genuine Benefits

Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor
Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor Aimee Challenor

Mr. Hambly on the other hand, is a YouTuber and is now on his 12th attempt at cover a bizarre story at Reddit without getting yeeted. His coverage is almost funny as, on this attempt he covers the story without mentioning ANY of the details by name. I say almost because it is terrifying that this is where we are. 

Short version: The above mentioned individual was expelled from both the UK Green and Liberal Democratic Parties for depravity involving minors and protecting those who do dreadful things to them. Reddit hired her. Reddit installed bots to permanently ban anyone who posted anything that referred to this individual...including links to unrelated news stories that mentioned her in passing. 
Since Reddit did not announce they had begun providing job placement services for M.A.P.s nobody had any idea why subreddit admins and posters were getting perma-banned. 

No one on Reddit can discuss Aimee Challenor or they will be permabanned and this policy seems to at least partially apply to YouTube as well. Several of the channels have gone private and/or are locking down while they try to get some guidance from Reddit as to exactly how they expect people to avoid this minefield when Reddit won't say the words that are not allowed. 

Reddit has backed down, removed Aimee Challenor and issued a which they still do not mention her name. 

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March 20, 2021

Perusing Comment's Sections is not a Productive Use of my Time

Over at Instapundit they are discussing the recent decision by Amazon to ban "When Harry Became Sally". 

Ed Driscoll ends the brief excerpt with this...

  "I’m so old I can remember when Jeff Bezos was believed to have been a libertarian."

...which kind have set me off more than mere words should have.

Because, while i used to consider myself a libertarian, or at least libertarian-leaning back in the '90s,. Indeed, I could have typed that sentence with a straight face a few years ago, but now? 

There is nothing un-libertarian about Bezos's decision, (at least not in practice, in THEORY this is an affront to the whole concept).

 Libertarians (at least the Reason-Mag hipster-douche libertarians) seem to be  fine with cancel culture as long as it's the 'squares' being cancelled. 

Back when it was the fringe case of a patassier asking govt. not to force him to participate in a religious ceremony forbidden by his faith, the libertarian mantra was "Bake the damn cake!" Now we hear a lot of "Muh private biddness!" long as the view getting defenistrated is not a view approved of by the 'clerisy'. 

They oppose the death penalty and implore us not to execute child-rapists, mass murderers or anyone. This has a very defensible argument behind it, particularly when one remembers how many people have been cleared of their charges after conviction...or if one just ponders the existence of the current Vice President.  However, to libertarians it does not apply to a complete innocent that happens to be conceived inside a woman who finds her inconvenient. 

Libertarians applaud the destruction of monuments and graves that memorialize our tragically misguided ancestors, because no time, context, nor cultural differences nor understanding can excuse the abhorrent practices of that age, but out the other corner of their mouth they lobby hard for 'frictionless' trade with China and every third world hellhole that cuts costs by substituting chains and a whip for paychecks. 

They rail against tariffs with an intensity that would make Fitzhugh proud. When the human cost of the exporting of jobs is brought up, they, after a moment of bewilderment that anyone should care for such inferiors that would not see a job loss as OPPORTUNITY, roll out their Gartmans to explain to us in small condescending words how no one should be asked to subsidize the job of an idiot who can't compete. ( compete against the aforementioned slave labor that is).  Someone's orientation should be respected (I agree!), unless one is a straight male or a lesbian then the libertarian chant of freedom is "Suck the d*** bigot!"consent be damned apparently. (I don't think Ayn Rand would approve.) 

 I used to consider myself a libertarian, considering it to be rooted in the enlightenment and not the style policing of upper-class mean girls. But I was young then and had not encountered the sneering disdain and contempt for...what exactly I'm not sure....perhaps those not high on the foetid air that collects in the mezzanines of law school libraries?  I dunno, in the last few years they've just gone full reta...oh wait we can't say that and it's OK because 'muh private biddness'.   

I think libertarians are right, or at least on solid ground on many issues, but they seem to attract autists who cary every single point to a ludicrous extreme and can't percieve (or care) about the societal costs of some of their policies. This is why I've been solidly conservative for many years, which might surprise some of you but conservatism in the U.S. is what is considered Liberalism in much of the rest of the world. (It's a conservative interpretation of the constitution placing limits on government power rather than a liberal interpretation of the commerce clause allowing the government to any old thing. ) I think that there are arguments for even the more hedonistic proposals of libertarians such as legalizing drugs and prostitution, but the societal costs and other second order effects have to be taken into account and factored in by something other than the market...which will be quite happy to to sell cigarettes to kids and the ultimate end state of legalizing prostitution might well be slavery for the sex-workers. The libertarian response seems to me to be the waving of the free-market totem and a recitation of verses from the book of Hayek. 

Free markets DO efficiently sort goods services and people, and will quickly find a correct price for anything, including your daughter's virginity and her organs. This is why I do not want to live in AnCapiStan. 

I think that Conservatism represents a good middle path between the post-Calvanistic scolds on the American left and the sort of atheistic rapaciousness and hedonism that libertarianism seems to increasingly represent.  (So much so that conservatives might one day corner the Buddhist vote.) 

I don't see Libertarianism in its current form as anything so much as a, destructive, frantic, and ill-advised overcorrection to the idiocies of neo-liberalism. It does, however have the very great advantage of being nigh-infinitely preferable to the attempts by the left to correct the same problems which are actively malign rather than merely oblivious. 

Still, I'll stick with the middle path for now. 

UPDATE: A rather less verbose comment I made at Instapundit was the origin of this post. I was surprised to see it getting upvotes, but when I refreshed the page it had been deleted. 

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March 14, 2021

Not a Reassuring Trend

This is "interesting".

So I encountered a story about how the ATF has shut down a website and arrested the owner for the crime of distributing schematics of auto-sears. (Auto-sears are devices one can install into a semi-auto firearm in order to convert it to full auto and perhaps not have it blow up.)  The ATF, for its part is boasting that they did the thing. Oh. Also, anyone who purchased these products from this company is facing 10 years in prison and 250,000 dollar fine. Now, these schematics were printed on sheets of metal  so that one could, if one had access to a machine shop, cut out a piece of metal and, if one folded it properly have an auto sear. Still. It's just schematics, plans, words, and this isn't even under the purview of the thorny problem of ITER regulations. A book on how guns work, is not that different from this, so the implications are worrisome.

But wait.

It gets worse. 

This very same morning, right before I started to write this post, I stopped by Pixy's and found this story about how the CEO of a Canadian company has been indicted first by EU ministries of justice and now by Biden's justice department for having adequate encryption. 

  Last night, the United States Department of Justice announced that they had indicted the CEO of Sky Global, Jean-Francois Eap, and one of his associates, Thomas Herdman, for allegedly violating federal racketeering laws (RICO). Herdman is said to be a former global distributor of Sky Global devices.

"According to the indictment, Sky Global’s devices are specifically designed to prevent law enforcement from actively monitoring the communications between members of transnational criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking and money laundering."

Of course they are designed to prevent anybody from actively monitoring one's messages, whether they be ChiCom secret police, Corporate spies, Murderous spouses, Sharia enforcers, child traffickers interested in your kids, Antifa hate mobs, white nationalist thugs, or the Westborro Church. Thwarting 4th amendment violations is really just a happy bonus. 

Note too, that the people indicted are not alleged to have trafficked in drugs or done anything untoward except honor their contract. They are likely to go to jail because someone who was allegedly bad might have used their service (but this is unproven because the messages the Justice Department wants to read to prove they are bad are encrypted.) If it is KNOWN that these are bad people, then the evidence that was obtained independently of reading their mail should be used to prosecute them. 

The 50 cent army and STASSI, are not things we should pattern our law enforcement methods after. Two different stories, on the same day, both involving law enforcement deciding that first and fourth amendment provisions do not apply to the internet, is a troubling trend indeed. 

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February 23, 2021


... upon the direction of our current discourse lurk below "the fold". 

Picture is, I do sincerely hope, unrelated. 


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February 05, 2021



It's all ok.

They're not afraid anymore!

It's all Oh Kaaay

There's no reason to hide anymore.

They can come right out in the open and say it.

It wasn't a conspiracy THEORY.

Saying something as spicy as this, even yesterday would get you banned from social media and perhaps loose your job or even your bank account. 

Now the conspiracy theory is a virtue signal. 

Why in God's name would Time publish this?

I can think of four reasons.

1: TIME is a principled publication seeking unfettered truth and published this bombshell out of a sense of civic responsibility. 

2: The editors at TIME have lost the plot and decided that the Q-Anon idiots should not be allowed to have all the fun. 

3: They are gloating and rubbing our faces in our helplessness to further demoralize us.

4: They aim to incite people on the right to act out of desperation and despair, as the degenerate fuckwits did at the Capitol last month, because they need a better Horst Wessel moment.

That last is kind of outre' but one wonders, given the tensions in the country, and the assumption that the editorial staff at TIME are not blithering idiots, if that isn't at least possible in current year. 

The message of the Time story, is as follows.

The Left control's the horizontal.

They control the vertical. 

There is no escape.

Not by boat.

Not by plane nor foot or even rocket.


Please dissuade me of my crazy rantings and troublesome conclusions in the comments. 

In case of the article getting memory holed, as often happens, it will be copied and pasted below the fold. 

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January 19, 2021

Democracy Dies in the Derpness

By now most of you are familiar with the running gag that is the intersection of current events with R.A. Heinlein's Future History, the period he called The Crazy Years

He wasn't quite as prescient as it may seem. In his timeline, the era of looniness took place before the first moon landing and ended thereafter, whereas in ours, the first wave of Cray-Cray  took place during and immediately after the Apollo program, which despite its success saw space development subsequently faceplant and suck its toes until recently when private industry began to take the lead and make real strides in space access .

Anyway, this was brought to mind by my encountering, just before I went to bed, this headline, which was so fractally crazy that it kept me up all night. 

To understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness

'..the fuck!?'




I cannot even. 

  Readers may also wish to ponder how a distaste for racial preoccupation is framed, rather boldly, as "a discriminatory worldview.”

Multiracial whiteness promises Latino Trump supporters freedom from the politics of diversity and recognition. For voters who see the very act of acknowledging one’s racial identity as itself racist, the politics of multiracial whiteness reinforces their desired approach to colour-blind individualism.

That being bad, you see. 

Racism is one of the most pernicious and vile evils in the annals of humankind, and the notion that treating people the same regardless of their skin color is bigoted is so far from reality as to be diseased thinking.  

A.E. Van Vought had thoughts on what constitutes "crazy"...

"Craziness can be measured by maladaptive behavior. The behavior the society uses to solve one kind of problem, when applied to an incorrect category, disorients it. When this happens the whole society, even if some members are aware of the disorientation, cannot reach the correct conclusion, or react in a fashion that preserves society from harm. As if society were a dolphin that called itself a fish: when it suffered the sensation of drowning, it would dive. But a dolphin is a mammal, a member of a different category of being. When dolphins are low on air, they surface, rather than dive. Putting yourself in the wrong category leads to the wrong behavior.”

It's hard to  conceive of less correct categorizations than having "Judge people not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character" under the heading "Racist" and judging people by their ethnicity as virtuousness. Indeed, like Vought's deep diving drowning dolphin, it is the exact opposite of correct and can only lead to a grim end.

One indication that a current event might be crazy is when the best, and most succinct take is from the Babylon Bee

However, while it's easy to dismiss the WaPo writer's perspective as crazy, it should not be dismissed out of hand that they might actually be aware of the contradictions, and therefore are evil. Dividing the nation is useful, not only to our enemies(who in the case of China have deep pockets to pay for such services) but to a subset of civil rights non-profits which has become quite a lucrative profession for a certain swath of our upper middle class. Furthermore, note the horror expressed at "color blind individualism". Ruling individuals is like herding cats...a philosophy of rugged individualism and personal freedom is a good bit check on tyranny. Conversely, tribes, or other groups can be moved about and controlled much more efficiently, like sheep or cattle, even a dog can do it. As such a collection of competing, mutually suspicious groups are easier for a totalitarian to deal with. (In much the same way, regulators prefer a few large companies to thousands of small businesses, as they are easier to keep track of and pay off or punish.) 

So it is possible that this is not so much insanity as pure malevolence. 

However, "multi-racial white supremacy" is such a categorical contradiction that for now, I'll grant them the benefit of the doubt and assume they're just stark-raving-cuckoo-for-Coca-Puffs. 

Note though, that craziness, especially that which is hard to distinguish from evil, is not benign, quite the contrary, so we should stay aware of this nonsense and observe this numbnuttery with a wary eye, because whether crazy or evil, this affront to reason has the potential to take us down a dark path indeed. 

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January 13, 2021

Signs and Portents

If you find yourself in a reality where one of the most nuanced and level headed takes on the Capital riot and subsequent Orwellian responses is coming to you are likely approaching some scary, crazy times. 

Watch on Bitchute

UPDATE: To be clear, while his overview of the situation we are in post riot is as good as any, Bearing is way out in front of some people I used to read until last week in that he is emphatic that the assholes who stormed through the capitol windows and stole stuff were, in fact, assholes. 

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January 12, 2021


Youtube and Facebook will no doubt ban this. 

Watch on Bitchute Original source here.

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November 09, 2020

Well Then

I guess I need to state a few things. 


News outlets do not determine elections.

However, the election is NOT quite finished yet. 

There is a very slim chance that Trump might still pull this out. 

That chance is slim but not zero. 

It is also worth pursuing for the simple reason that it is the right thing to do. 

There are legal proceedings (quite proper IMHO) seeking to determine the propriety of the elections. 

Biden, is, therefore, NOT the President president elect (yet). 

I think that it is likely he will be, but I also think it is important to fight that result until the bitter end. 

And I'm not ashamed of that. 

There actually is some evidence of mayhem in the vote-counting in this election

And I do not have any shame about saying that.

If the election does not go my way, I will NOT Burn, Loot, or Murder as a result, for I am not a Democrat. 

I say all this because of a particular tweet. 

Nice life ya had there hick...too bad ya didn't just look the other way...

Obviously, that's good advice what with lists being made and all. If I keep my mouth shut and say nothing, then perhaps they'll ignore me if they come for the Jews, or the Catholics

So really, the smart thing is to refrain from making waves, which I would urge people with children to seriously consider. 

But I'd rather lick doorknobs in Wuhan. 

This is not a political blog, but I will use my modest, Z-List platform to, from time to time, push back against the Biden/Harris administration which looks to be being staffed with creepy and destructive people. 

To Wit

Heck, I might even, given some bizarre set of circumstances, defend the currently presumptive administration as I occasionally did Obama during Biden's tour in the Naval Observatory. 

But I won't be taking Mr. Tapper's ever so 'considerate' advice. 

I'm 50. I'm single. I'm not an imposing human being, but I believe in America, free speech and, fanboy that I am, I am nevertheless adult enough to understand that words are not violence, they are the best way to avoid it. 

I also possess a history degree, and looking back on the 20th century I've gleaned that when they start coming for those who are different or express an unpopular view, silence is unlikely to guarantee one's safety, or produce any good result. 

I do NOT condemn those in precarious position or whose jobs well and truly depend on their silence. We all have to eat. But those of us who do not have family to care for and are not required by our jobs to remain silent on social media probably should step it up a bit.

One other thing:

I am neither stunning, nor brave. I shout to the four winds as anonymously as I can, and I do that because I'm not on the book of Faces or the Twit roost. 

No, I blog at 

Now, my only connection to my blog's hosting service was as an unpaid Beta tester years ago, but I do think that perhaps now would be an excellent time for people switch to a social media platform that believes in free speech and won't report you to the Marquises of Palo Alto  (or the Gab junior puritan brigade).


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November 03, 2020

I've Got to go to Work

But this may be a leading indicator. 

The Yuan is tanking. Apparently the CCP is suffering some sort of reversal as of 23:21 Tuesday evening.  

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Aside from two or three midterm elections and a similar number of primaries, I have missed zero elections since 1988. I don't think I've EVER seen a line quite as long as the one I stood in this morning, except possibly 2008. 

The fellow behind me had had to leave and get additional clothing earlier in the morning (It was quite cold and windy) He noted that the line earlier had been longer still and gone completely around the school. 

The line was so long that it extended far enough out that city council and school board candidates could legally pitch themselves to voters in line, which they did with much verve and enthusiasm. I found this welcome since it is terribly hard to find out anything about city council or school board candidates who are, by law, not allowed to express a political affiliation. This is he first time in years that I've voted for local offices and not felt that I was just throwing darts. 

The line, for all its length moved quite fast and I was out in just over an hour. 

In stark contrast to the acrimony we see on the news, everyone was civil, pleasant, and supportive of everyone else doing their civic duty, and it was a very diverse crowd, with people of all ethnicities in outfits ranging from suits to coveralls. 

Now.....we wait.

(And wait and wait and wait, since, according to the radio just now,  Governor Moloch McBlackface has said that the state will count ballots that come in by....Friday*. )

*A quick web search turned up nothing corroborating that, but it may be breaking as I type this. 

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November 01, 2020

When the Crash WAS Your Fault

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October 28, 2020

In The Interests of Equal Time...(UPDATED)


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