November 04, 2008

Tim Kaine's Home Court Advantage

I voted.

Being pressed for time, and a bit curious,  decided to use the lonely, shunned touch-screen machine in the corner of the Palmer Elementary school gym.

The layout was....interesting.

The first screen has one choice in big bold letters


Now it is not at all clear from the first screen that there are any other choices, but, if you look closely, there is a "next" button. In order to see the other presidential candidates. One must click the little touch button marked "next"...which adjoins the "vote" field. If you do not fumble finger the vote/next field and vote for Barak Obama you are taken to the next screen the POTUS wannabe ghetto which contains the 4 other presidential candidates in smaller type.

The Senatorial and House fields are laid out the same as the mere non-Obama contenders.

As we have a secret ballot (until at least January 20th) I will leave you guessing ( yeah right) and refrain from disclosing my choices, except to say I voted for whom I intended.

This touch screen may be as bad as the butterfly butterfly ballots of Boca Raton.

12 hours & this horrid election will be over.

Now go vote...and stay away from  the touch screen machines!

UPDATE: Well, I've left E-mails and comments with a couple of A and B list bloggers, and called the McCain-Palin fraud hotline (it was busy...which bodes ill I suppose )
Also called a local news channel (busy) and tried to use the "ureport" function on  FOX...but it seems to have crashed. (update..successful )
This is, of course really, really small potatoes compared to the
Black Panthers taking over the polls in Philly, but it's just sleazy and passive aggressive enough to have really pissed me off.

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