May 28, 2016

This, Gentle Readers.... why I say "no" to Vox Day.

I keep telling people this and keep getting blown off because "Vox is smart and hates the right people" or somesuch.

...and while this post languished in "draft" part two dropped

I urge you to read both in full.

Then tell me, is this what you want conservatism to become?

This is actually one of the most pernicious and vile problems with political correctness. When you define racism down, when you declare vast swaths of discourse off limits and smear everyone who expresses a political disagreement with the label of bigot, then you actually normalize people like this guy, and in doing so give them a way to ooze into our national discourse.

It doesn't help when some of his critics are SO vile that he can look good by comparison to them. 

To wit: It used to be that if someone was accused of being a racist and their retort was "Well, I'm against child rape! SO THERE!" that the public could point out that such a defense is not only a non-sequiter, but an utter straw man. Pretty much everyone was in agreement that having sex with children is wrong. Alas now we have his vocal critics amongst the current Sci-Fi luminaries,  who can't quite denounce a NAMBLA advocate on one side and a whole bunch of people on the other side who have been victimized over the years  and for whom Vox Day  is, ironically an advocate who is not only affirming the fact that they have been hurt, but is hated by, and reciprocates the animosity of those who caused them so much suffering. 

So yes. Some of the people that dislike us, and that Vox Day also dislikes are truly vile pieces of work. I would go so far as to call them monsters.That doesn't mean he should be allowed to define who we are or not be called out by us for espousing views unrelated to child abuse that we not only find abhorrent, but that the left has been slanderously ascribing to us for decades. 

Just as many on the left have missed the point that 1984 is a cautionary tale and not a how to manual, so do many of Vox Day's apologists not quite grok the lessons of Faust (or Elric for that matter). The alt-right (which is actually old school, Wilsonian progressivism) currently has an undeniable energy and has attached itself like a suckerfish to the (valid IMHO) backlash against political correctness.

However, allying with them comes at too high a price, for these toxic remoras will either drown us by their weight of their odious views, or in the worst case, use us as a platform to spread and legitimize their loathesome beliefs. The results of that are not likely to be good, either politically, or morally. I for one won't have it on my conscience. 

When fighting monsters it is important to not become one yourself, for that rather defeats the purpose of the exercise. 

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1 There wasn't much wrong in that linked transcript, on the part of Vox Day anyway. Or at least I can't see it. I stopped following his blog because he was much too racist a few years ago. It was in the blog posts. But the transcript seems fairly innocuous to me.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Wed Jun 1 10:36:31 2016 (XOPVE)


I was "what's the hullabaloo all about" until I got to the point where he said that the Holocaust wasn't important because it happened more than forty years before people today were born anyway.  Or some such.

When the leftist starts sounding reasonable about Jews, it's generally a warning sign....

Posted by: ubu at Thu Jun 2 16:04:28 2016 (SlLGE)

3 I found the whole thing rather tedious reading, but his point about the Holocaust seemed to be "young people don't give a damn about it any more, because to them it's ancient history". I'd say that's a true statement, poorly expressed. The point gets rather muddled when he gets into comparing how long people cared about different massacres and why this one stands out, but that just says that he's not good at live debate and went down a rat-hole.

Personally, I've never seen any reason to pay attention to what he says. The Leftists who created him deserved what they got, and I have no interest in watching them fight it out.


Posted by: J Greely at Thu Jun 2 16:38:07 2016 (CLiR9)

4 This where I've been on Vox for a while.  It doesn't matter that he represents a small faction of people when he is successfully presented as *the* face of Christian Conservatism.

Posted by: Ben at Fri Jun 3 16:31:28 2016 (STcIm)

5 Unfortunately, he's right about the Holocaust. A couple of decades ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, and WWII came up. And after a while, his young housmate interrupted us, and in all bright-eyed innocence asked us, "Who's Auschwitz?" He hadn't really been taught about WWII in school, and I can only imagine it's gotten worse since then.

It's seems strange that a generation whose go-to insult is to call someone Hitler has no idea who he actually was.

Posted by: Mauser at Fri Jun 3 19:23:50 2016 (5Ktpu)

6 I had much the same question asked of me ("What's an Auschwitz?") in a historical methods class...meaning that everyone in the class was a history major, indicating a passing interest in history. 
The notion that there is a great lack of  any understanding of the holocaust is, in fact true. However, my reading of VDs take on this troublesome development is that it is a good thing, which I find unnerving.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Jun 3 23:44:28 2016 (/4jFR)

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