September 04, 2008

The Speech

It WAS a good speech. Even if she DID use a teleprompter. (and a "gasp!"speechwriter)

Criticism that it was short on policy specifics ( generally not the Veep candidates job ) or that it attacked the opposition leader ( generally the Veep candidates job) are just sour grapes.

Governor Palin's big requirement was to deliver a good speech and she did that. She will probably do well in the VP Debate, though Biden is an excellent debater (that is basically all he's done over the last 20 years...other than be wrong)  Palin rather more social conservative than I like but her record in Alaska seems pretty impressive for such a short time.

She is quite impressive in many ways, not the least because of the tornado of bile from the Media and the Nutroots that she endured with considerable grace over the weekend. However, it would be good for those of us on the right to not to get too full of ourselves. Due to a combination of bad performance in Congress, bad luck, bad faith reporting by the media and arrogance, the Republican brand is a hard sell this year. To the extent we forget the first and last points, this dilemma is deserved.  We have a chance in part because our two candidates seem to be trying to correct both problems.

It is also important to remember that while Obama's resume is rather thinner than either of the Republican candidates, as a senator he has not been the empty suit * he was for most of his previous career. He is also engaging, eloquent and likable to many. Additionally, his urbane sense of entitlement, as off-putting as it is to us, gives many people who have historically been despicably excluded, a much deserved sense of pride and hope.

He also has a solid following of genuinely scary goofballs who seem to see him as a messiah fulfilling the prophecies of Marx and Mao. He is not to be underestimated, and I genuinely fear that to the extent he is not playing his "progressive" backers for fools that the stakes are quite, as the A listers say... don't get cocky*....

Still, we have in this Bull Moose ticket a remarkably strong hand.  For the first time in this election I am optimistic.  

More optimism here.

*HT: Instapundit

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