August 29, 2008

Tentative Happy Dance

Word is that McCain has picked Sarah Palin!

The 'Phibian wins the betting pool.

I didn't think he would do it but I am VERY happy that he did.
Palin is awesome, a highly principled individual who as a legislator resigned in protest of party graft in Alaska. She ran a dark horse, anti-establishment campaign rather cut off from party support and won the gubernatorial nomination by sheer competence and public appeal. She has been very reform oriented as Governor and quite successful at it.

Cdr Salamander has background here.

If this is not disinformation it is great news.

I'm off to school.

UPDATE: Happy Dance!
It was not disinformation. Sarah Palin is the Republican Vice Presidential  candidate.

I saw her acceptance speech at school. It was most impressive. From a perspective of principle, achievement and competence she is hard to beat. This was my dream Veep candidate. I really did not think he would do it. Palin is also one of the more Libertarian Governors out there (an unsurprising thing coming from a frontier state).

Galrhan has taken a short break from defense analysis to post some thoughts on the election in general and they do ring true....particularly this bit:

We have two very interesting tickets, but they both tell the same story. The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, and the lives of all four candidates combine to represent and reaffirm that reality.

More background on Palin here.

I would point out that Governor Palin's foreign policy experience, while admittedly quite sparse, is not actually zero. She worked with Canada to get the recently started natural gas pipeline approved. She has probably had some dealings with her Russian counterparts regards fisheries and attempts at cooperation in search and rescue matters. All governors have a certain amount of hands-on negotiation with foreign countries on trade, educational and occasionally environmental matters.  Significantly, what little foreign policy experience she has has been practical, rather than theoretical.

Obama would be very unwise to mock her lack of experience given his exceedingly thin resume. Oh wait.

Yet more on Governor Palin, this time from a libertarian perspective, here.


UPDATE2: Hah! Steven DenBeste points out a significant Palin characteristic that everyone else is missing, and the potential that this has in swaying an unappreciated demographic. He's closed comments to avoid those with biocular insecurity so feel free to comment here.

UPDATE3: Holy Carp!
Note: .Gifs are for celebratory purposes only: No endorsement of McCain/Palin by Mr.T, or the creators of Windows 95 and Hidamari Sketch should be inferred from this post.

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