November 05, 2008

Post Election Roundup

No is not yet the appropriate time to resort to cannibalism...

Seriously guys....

It may surprise some of you that this is almost never an appropriate response to anything...well, at least in politics...
Stratasphere has a nice post mortum that discourages cannibalism without actually mentioning it. He points to some of the problems the republicans are going to have if the Jacksonian "right" continues to be the voice of the party. He also makes a good point regards the Harriet Miers fiasco. Tat the Republicans lost because they adopted Democratic "principles" with regards to fiscal discipline, non-intrusive government and ethics is widely understood. However beginning  in 2005 they adopted another lefty trait that was a complete departure from normal republican ideals. They began persecuting heritics rather than recruiting converts. This is not productive. 

Steven Den Beste has thoughts on the good and bad of yesterdays decision. At no point does he endorse cannibalism. He also has the line of the week.

One other good thing: no one will be spinning grand conspiracy theories about this administration's Vice President being an evil, conniving genius who is the true power behind the throne.


The Anchoress has a lot of reactions from around the righty blogosphere and, hapilly, cannibalism is hardly mentioned at all.

Rand Simberg, Ron Coleman, and Eric at Classical Values all have cannibal free thoughts worth reading.

There is much introspection needed, but a circular firing squad is not the way forward. Nor is eating our own.

In the meantime, on a completely nonpartsisan and upbeat note, via Instapundit comes this delightful story of an Obama voter...109 years old, the daughter of a slave.

Would-be cannibal loli faeries are from Bottle Faeries

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1 Got to say, Brick.... I'm in complete disagreement. The cannibalism is already under way... and it's coming from the so-called moderates; the tax-and-spend Republicans that can only be separated from the Democrats by the (very) slightly less rank whiff of corruption.

Stratasphere is just one more of the many voices of the "moderate" right that are out to destroy conservatives. It's not the Jacksonian right that destroyed the Republican party, it's the so-called moderates... the same ones that are out to destroy Sarah Palin.  The last couple of days should have been an eye-opener to you. Why would anyone spend so much time and effort on character assassination of the candidate that drew the biggest crowds and caused the most excitement?  When the hell have conservatives (non-evangelical, anyway) ever trashed an extremely popular vote-getter like that?  Why are all the "McCain people" doing it now?

Because she threatens moderate control of the party.  And the moderates would rather cannibalize the Jacksonian right than let it have control.

I left the Republican party in 2006 because it was no longer my party.  Immigaration, tax-and-spend, McCain-Feingold, You name it. The Republicans had become "war hawk democrats" in all but name.

Re: my parenthetical "non-evangelical" qualifier above --. I think there's some conflation going on in many minds. There is not one conservative Republican wing, there are two: Small-l libertarians  (as Glen Reynolds calls them), and evangelicals. This confusion is not an accident; there is some overlap and the media does its best to muddy the waters.  The moderates pander to both, but while the small-government wing is flexible about supporting evangelicals who believe in small government, the evangelicals will lend no support to a small-government candidate that isn't a hardline anti-abortionist.  In fact, they'll attack rabidly.  Ask Rudy Guilini how being pro-life worked out for him.

You want to know the real reason I've gone on hiatus with Bridgebunnies?  It's because I've accepted a key position with the American Conservative Party. (Which is a pain, because it's under my real name of course, not my pseudonym and I still have to keep them separated.)   I'm not going to have time to anime blog, and the future of my country sure as hell is more important than Dokuro-chan..

I told the Republican party goodbye two years ago.  Now I intend to help bury it.  Not because I believe in cannibalism, but because I don't.

Posted by: ubu at Sun Nov 9 20:46:18 2008 (qWAin)

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