September 01, 2008


Good grief!
They are really scared by this woman!

Terrified it would seem.

Today, the shocking revelation that Bristol Palin, is pregnant and while engaged, is not yet married.

Oh, the scandal of it all. I feel as if I will faint. (not)

This would seem to debunk the amazing "Sarah Palinzez latIst baBy is not hers but her daughters!!!11!!! z0mg!!!1!!" theory*

To his credit, Obama today tried to put a stop to the nasty bile, but the fear on the left that their sure victory is no longer certain (if it ever was) is now setting in. The fact that it might be due to to somebody not just from a flyover state....but a never fly near state is too much for many of them to bear, hence the frenzy of nutsieness.

While watching this hateful trainwreck is almost amusing in a very lowbrow way, the implications for the country are not good..and it gives me heartburn. Additionally, there are a lot of actual issues that need addressing and I'd like to see some damned debates. I've pretty much made up my mind, and indeed  Palin's strong libertarian streak pick sets at ease many of my misgivings about McCain but there are a  lot of  issues I'd like to see discussed with specifics, and at the moment we're getting, even by  normal  US politics standards  red herrings.

Bristol is actually wearing a fat suit to throw everybody off and will fake a miscarriage...
Bristol Palin has 2 Vagina's...probably due to Global Warming!
See Kossacks! You can still keep the dream alive!

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