March 06, 2023

Kancelled Kettle

Well. Fuck. 

As was mentioned briefly in the brief post talking about the Silvervale situation, Pikamee had a similar experience to Silvervale in that she announced that she was going to be playing The Game That Must Not be Named. This also resulted in massive harassment from the degenerate hellions that get their marching orders from the latest Twitter encyclical. This included death threats and doxxing. 

You see, J.K. Rowling (the creator of Harry Potter) has expressed views that do not align perfectly with the most extreme transgender activists. Thus, playing the game is said by Twitter freaks to be literally killing somebody with gender dysphoria. 

Normally the rantings of mentally ill cultists can just be ignored, but this is more difficult when you are a public figure who has to engage the public. It is also much harder when the gleeful lynch mobs actively hound you. 

Pikamee has been to the U.S. and speaks English, but is not obsessed with politics and really has no frame of reference for our blinkered gender ideology debates and associated insanity, which was, no doubt, an out of context problem from her perspective. This foul brigading becomes very hard to ignore with when doxxing and death threats are involved and this is particularly true in Japan given fairly recent events involving idols

They mercilessly bullied this poor girl from another country who had literally nothing to do with any of this this lunatic critical studies shit. They brigaded her so ferociously that she cancelled plans to play the game. Then she was hounded into cancelling another stream. And another

Pikamee has now announced she's "graduating", which is a neurotically polite Japanese euphemism for idols that basically means retirement. 

Pikamee was a hilarious and talented bi-lingual streamer that helped to establish V-tubing as a genre. Pikamee clips have made the rounds for years, have been the basis of countless memes and have brought joy to millions. 

Now, because of some mentally ill narcissistic cultists, she's gone. 

I'm not a particular fanboi of Rowling or her views. Her TERFitude is an extension of her very anti-male brand of feminism, but her remarks on the trans issue have not been particularly hateful or insane. (Biological men in women's locker rooms is a legitimate concern, as some unfortunate schoolgirls here in Virginia found out 2 years ago). 

However, my opinion on one bit of somebody's public persona are not really germane to anything. She's an individual. Rowling wrote a popular series of books, that, while not MY cup of tea, are well crafted, beloved, and got millions of kids to actually read.  Furthermore, I generally believe that we should separate the art from the artist in most cases that don't involve violence*. 

Speech is not violence. 

Violence is violence.

But we're now in a situation where normal discourse is counted as violence and actual violence by political extremists is considered speech. 

This cannot stand. 

I noted on stream last night that I stream on an iMac and my only console is a PS2, but if I had the equipment I'd stream HOGWART'S LEGACY in a hot minute. I'll also support anyone who does so. I'm gonna buy the game (a game I cannot play) next week. I hope it is the best selling game of the year and these pitiless Jacobin myrmidons get their noses rubbed in their own impotence. 

Good by Pikamee.

Thanks for all the fun. 

*(Lovecraft's stated views on ethnicity and race were abhorrent, but his work brilliant. If he were alive, I'd not vote for him. Marrion Zimmer Bradely ran a pedophile ring, so I've tossed her books.)

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1 If "trans women" were actually trying to be women, they would perfectly understand women's need to have private restrooms, lockerrooms, etc.  They would understand fear of being raped. And they would be pushing for separate restrooms for themselves.
But largely they are not pushing for more unisex bathrooms, or for anything like that. Because most of the activists are misogynists or autogynephiles. Or both.
And frankly, the number of  male sex offenders and rapists who suddenly discover their identity when it is time to go to prison is pretty amazing... And they should probably have their own prison, just for them. 
It is a shame for the guys who just want to dress up in women's clothing, or who have genuine issues of other kinds, to be lumped in with dangerous predators. But then again, they are not the ones arriving at women's shelters and raping the women who were already in trouble.
I wonder when the vigilantism starts. Hopefully we get things in order before it gets to that point, but we'll see.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Mon Mar 6 11:10:21 2023 (sF8WE)

2 The only good thing that can arise from such petty tyranny of the young white middle class nihilist set (Based on the most common demographic of the woke class.) is if they make the mistake of participating in Woke Olympics while NOT residing in the US can result in classic unintended consequences.  Namely, defamation as a legal case is a lot easier to purse outside the US - as unhinged Twitter users in the UK have found to their cost.

Posted by: cxt217 at Mon Mar 6 21:38:34 2023 (2tHvf)

3 Some pretty horrible people seem to self select for activist.

Situations are kinda amazing really, just not in a wonderful way.

I seem to be particularly out of answers tonight.

I'm sure there are remedies, I just do not have any new ideas.

Posted by: Pat Buckman at Tue Mar 7 23:59:32 2023 (r9O5h)

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