July 24, 2007

John Bambenek, you are an Ass

I am no fan of the frothing hysterical Bo-Bo's that make up most of the Kossacks. But damn....this is just profoundly stupid.

This is exactly the sort of wretched passive-aggressive sleaze we deal with on college campuses and that we oppose in the real world in opposing the "fairness doctrine".

Using the government to stifle viewpoints you don't agree with is wrong.This is one of the principals of American conservatism. (You should acquaint yourself with those Mr. Bambenek).

The sweet irony of doing this to those who long for the "fairness doctrine" does not in any way mitigate the wrongness of it. Lowering ourselves to the level of the more extreme Dems rather defeats the purpose of opposing them.

Brickmuppet Blog utterly opposes this ill-conceived asshattery.

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1 Up front I should state that I profoundly disagree with the fairness doctrine. I believe it to be a fundamental violation of our 1st Amendment rights and a thinly veiled attempt at gaining power by undercutting the political process.

However, I believe the only way to get the Left/Liberals/Progressives to turn loose of the fairness doctrine is to use it against them. Fill the queue with complaints about everything from offensive fonts to improper use of the language to misrepresentation of facts to whatever. Everyone should file complaints against these fools who instituted this nonsense until it is discarded as useless to their purpose.

Posted by: Jerry in Detroit at Wed Jul 25 06:22:34 2007 (zJ1Ip)

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