February 10, 2013

It is Vital to Remember That Dispair is a Sin...

...because it is the surest path to oblivion.

Do not give up hope.
Do not yield to anger.
Do not succumb to fear, for while the situation is dire, all is not lost.

"You don't understand! No one believes me, but I have SEEN the math!"


Oh dear...

Well, I still prefer tilting at windmills to oblivion or serfdom so lets discuss this below the fold.
First the problems.
We face a perfect storm of apathy, venality and ignorance.

We lost the election in November in spite of the fact that we ae on a precipice and the party in power seems to want to push us off it.

 The media is our enemy and has set forth a narrative that says that "the right are a bunch of stupid troglodyte haters who are stupidly hateful troglodytes and...umm...mean and...and stuff. ...and stupid. Oh and Dems are saints, pure as the driven snow, and cool and they'll take care of us and bring lollipops...." I exaggerate not a whit.

This is extremely hard to break in people who only casually follow the news as it permeates the whole culture. Even for those people who watch the news the idea has few detractors.

For the last several years ANY act of domestic terrorism there has been at least an attempt to imply the Tea Party was at fault. Thus we saw Sarah Palin blamed for the Tuscon shooting. We saw Rush implicated in the Aurora horror. In both cases the nutters involved were basically JUST nuts (though Loughner was described by friends as a leftie, it doesn't seem to have had any bearing on his attack. He was spectacularly nuts.)

However as Noah Rothman points out "When Crazed Shooters Can't Be Linked to Tea Party, Media Displays Admirable Restraint." In the recent case of the FRC shooter, the would be assassin WAS inspired by rather heated leftist rhetoric and the SPLC map (which had identified the Family Research Council as a hate group).

Now we come to the current crazy cop terrorizing California.

Gay Patriot has a long post on this appalling fiasco as does Sooper Mexican.

First let me say that this crazed ex-cop is a member first and foremost of the CRAZY PARTY and ought not be a reflection of national politics.

Rest assured however that if he'd been spouting limited government ideas or sent shout outs to conservatives it'd be ALL over the news. As it is, the fellow thinks he's Che' Guevara, is doing this in part to make a statement in favor of gun control and has a bunch of left leaning Cheerleaders on twitter ...we get crickets about his politics.

This is just the most extreme example but it is pernicious in that it distracts the nation from our true enemy

"I r MATH."

The nation is 16 trillion in debt and getting deeper. This is approaching Argentina in the 20's, this is approaching Weimar. The last chance to fix this without major pain probably passed last year. The last chance to fix this issue without major civil unrest is probably 2015. If we loose the WH again in 2016...well it'll likely be too late to avert a Weimar situation.

Yet it seems no one cares.

The culture is so permeated with hatred for those of us on the right that getting the message out is going to be extremely difficult.

Even results don't work.

Red states tend to be doing much better than blue states because the blue model doesn't work. The result is that people from blue states move to red states like Nevada and Colorado...learn NOTHING and elect democrats, thereby setting them on the same path. This is because we can't get any cultural traction because the cultural gatekeepers are all children of the '70s.

The deck is stacked against us. The odds are long. However long odds are not the same as no hope.

We must not give into despair. 

The reason is twofold.

1: If we give up we loose, obviously.

We have an even shot at retaking the Senate in 2014...but only if we don't give up.

The White House will be a much tougher nut to crack, but it is attainable. This is not true if we give up.

2: More to the point...despair also means embracing the darkness. That we must not abide.

 The upper middle class urbanites who are the heart and the soul of the Democratic Party have, despite their blinkered ideology, many admirable qualities, dynamism, a cosmopolitan outlook and an openness to new things. They are the Yang to our Yin and they help make the country dynamic. They are not in large however (despite their rhetoric) particularly tolerant. Only in recent years have we begun to understand the depths of the hatred the Urbanite Left has for us and any of our various cultures. Their oikophobic venom is appalling to watch. Whatever issues one might have with Palin the loathing and contempt directed to her was not based on policy so much as on bigotry. They have made expressing dislike for anything or behavior politically incorrect..except us, and all their frustrations are aimed here. The lefties don't disagree with us right now...mainly as a result of a cultural gestalt that treats us as subhuman, they despise us, with every fiber of their being, and what scares me is that some of us will give into despair and respond with reciprocity.

When BOTH sides hate each other as much as the left hates us...that will be a dark time indeed. There's a place like that. It's called the Balkans.

So don't despair. Don't become what they believe us to be (which is a projection of their own id it seems).  That can only lead to a dark dark place.

 There is still hope, for despite all the gatekeepers and efforts to keep our message from being heard, there are still those who can bypass those filters and bring our message of unity and sanity  to the very heart of power.



I wonder how long Kos will keep up this glowing bio. 

Dr. Carson mentions the Battle of Baltimore.

The Capital was in flames. New England was negotiating a separate peace (seceding basically) This was it, the last stand...the shattered remnants of the Army made their stand at a small fort.The largest navy in the world was outside the harbor. . The British army, which had just defeated the continent conquering forces of Napoleon's myrmidons was marching on Baltimore. The odds were long indeed...
The British army lost their general because the citizenry was well armed and an irregular sniper took him down (he paid for the shot with his life).  The Royal Navy but could not enter because the citizenry had sunk their boats in the harbor mouth.  The Brits Launched an all out combined forces attack on the fort guarding the path to the city....the next morning our flag was still there and they were out of ammo. After they returned to England the UK decided it really wasn't worth it and signed the peace treaty.

So we've been on the ropes before.

Cheer up.

There is yet hope.

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1 People have trouble visualizing the scope of the debt.  Telling them that a stack of 16 Trillion dollars would reach the moon doesn't help, because they can't get their brain around the distance to the moon.

They've seen Airplanes though.  I tell folks at work, where we build 787's this:

1 787 lists for around $200 Million.  So 5 of them is a Billion dollars.

(And here's where the numbers still get all mind-boggly)

So FIVE THOUSAND 787's is a Trillion dollars.

So our national debt of $16 trillion would take EIGHTY THOUSAND 787's to pay off, if the world could afford to buy them all.  But at the projected production rate of 10 per month, it would take 666 years to build them.

And that's not counting new debt.

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Feb 10 23:33:11 2013 (cZPoz)

2 Being a Canadian, I don't really have a dog in this fight.  However, I am still worried about what's happening in the United States right now, both out of concern for the welfare and liberty of people in the US and a more self-interested concern about the knock-on effects that future economic and political turmoil in the US will have on Canada.  (After all, the US is my country's neighbour, closest ally, and biggest trading partner.) 

If I may, I'd like to ask your opinion about the "going Galt" and "let it burn" movements I've read about in the small-c-conservative US blogosphere.  If I'm understanding things correctly, the starting premise behind these movements is that the leftists are going to win, no matter what--which seems at first glance like giving in to despair.  However, the idea seems to be more like letting the leftists build the New Socialist Worker's Paradise, in the sure and certain expectation that the New Socialist Worker's Paradise will collapse under its own weight, much like the old one (the Soviet Union) did.  Then, once the dust settles and the leftists have been run out of Washington in disgrace (tar and feathers will presumably be involved), sensible people will have a chance to rebuild the republic on a sensible basis.  (The "going Galt" movement seeks to speed the process up by starving the Worker's Paradise of tax revenue it will need to fend off collapse.)  It's not so much giving in to despair but enduring short-term pain for longer-term benefits, or so the theory goes.

Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Tue Feb 12 23:54:42 2013 (ElBzz)

3 That is a good question. I'll try to answer it in a bit of depth later this weekend.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Feb 15 11:46:00 2013 (vp6an)

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