October 28, 2020

In The Interests of Equal Time...(UPDATED)


It appears to me that Joe Biden is doomed at this point. 

I say this as someone who is not optimistic about a Trump win and is, while not confident, leaning strongly towards the notion that Biden/Harris will carry the day. The polls certainly indicate the Dems will walk away with it and while they were gloriously and satisfyingly wrong in November of 16, they weren't off by much. A few thousand votes in a few key states made possible by Hillary's arrogance and ineptitude delivered us from her high heeled orthopedic shoes stamping on our faces to the unexpected spectacle of Trump's spastic chaos. 

Now, this time, the Democrats and establishment will not repeat that costly mistake that has given the Plebians a dangerous hope. There is obvious voter fraud, gaslighting, and an immense propaganda effort by big media, big tech, and academia to drag Biden's senile carcass across the finish line. 

I think it may work.

If it does Joe Biden is doomed. 

The horrific revelations from his son's laptop, as well as two years of investigative journalism on top of all the handsy stuff have been ignored my most media outlets. However enough has gotten out that it will taint Biden, and in the wings resides a being of pure psychopathic ambition.  Kamala Harris is by multiple measures the most left wing US senator, which should give one pause to be sure but, perhaps, not so much as her personal record. 

We hear about 'toxic masculinity' a lot and while that is usually misdirected or outright false in its usage, there is, unambiguously, such a thing as men who are toxic in a peculiarly male way and slip beneath the radars of societal warning systems. Never talked about outside the male hen party that is the MRAs is the fact that there is a female equivalent....people like Harris, who exhibits dark triad personality traits that  a man would struggle to explain away, but because she's a woman, acting like a predator, she will always be considered 'stunning and brave'. Any attempt to call her out on her past offenses is doomed to be dismissed as sexism, and the accusers labeled a pariah. Even her multiethnic background, which should be a plus, in that she has a theoretical ability to look at problems from many cultural perspectives (and also, hybrid vigor), only ads a racial component to her armor and further peril for any who dare cross her. 

Harris is everything that we feared in Hillary, with the glaring exception that the is competent and if she gets into the vice presidency, Biden will surly fall prey to her ambition. I imagine he will be met with rather less mercy than if he lost to Trump. 

I could actually see the Democrats impeaching him, or prosecuting him after resignation over these matters, just to get the proper sort of scalp to gift their new leader.

So yeah, Biden's doomed. 

One way or the other. 

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1 But...We live, right now, in 2020.

Where literally anything and everything can happen.  And has!

Posted by: cxt217 at Thu Oct 29 16:13:41 2020 (4i7w0)

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