November 03, 2016

Hoyt On The Election

Sarah Hoyt has thoughts on next Tuesday's Russian roulette session.

My own thoughts on the matter are that...


"Oh God...Not politics PLEASE!"


They're brief, but out of concern for those who are suffering from induced politicophobia, they are below the fold.

I've described Trump as whale vomit before, and I'm going to stick with that here since I think that our impending Kobyashi Maru test really is a choice between jumping in a vat of whale vomit and being locked in a porta-John at the top of Mount Trashmore.
In August.
At 6PM,
And rolled down the hill. 

Both are likely to make one very sick, and even if one can keep one's mouth and nose closed one will get a nasty staph infection. However, whale vomit occasionally (very rarely) contains ambergris, whereas the porta-John has nothing in it but excrement, caustic chemicals, and the added hazards of the 60-100 foot roll, which include but are not limited to, compound fractures and the knowledge that one is actively, and viscerally hated by a person (the privy-tipper) that one is utterly helpless against. 

The whale vomit is merely foetid.

Other, more eloquent writers than I, have thoughts on the specific issues of this matter, without resorting to simplistic analogies....mostly


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1 The Tea Party was a petition; ignored by both sides of the aisle . 
Trump is a warning; hated by both sides of the aisle 
What comes next against the oligarchs...?
I've two teenage daughters.  I'd rather they not see the "Kosovo-ization" of America.

Posted by: Clayton Barnett at Thu Nov 3 20:30:49 2016 (ug1Mc)

2 For what it's worth, here's my reasoning for why not voting for Clinton is the least-worst choice for US voters:  

It's highly likely that Russian and Chinese cyberspies have copies of all the emails Clinton sent and received on her illicit email server back when she was Secretary of State; if Clinton becomes President, it would be highly likely that the Russian and/or Chinese governments will attempt to blackmail her with those emails, in an effort to bend US policy to their will.  If this does happen, I'd wager that she would not take being blackmailed very well, and that she would act out by provoking a confrontation with her blackmailers ("You can't push me around, Mister Putin!!")--a confrontation that could degenerate into a shooting war.

Posted by: Peter the Not-so-Great at Thu Nov 3 21:17:28 2016 (jS1F0)

3 I figured out months ago that there is no argument either in favor of or against either candidate that can not be convincingly refuted.  I'm a bit disappointed but not surprised that Hoyt tried to reason her way to her current position...advocacy for either defies rationality.  You can argue for chance, luck, or faith.  But I believe the only aspect of the next for years that can be reasoned is how to deal with the aftermath, as reason has already failed in this election for President.

Posted by: Ben at Fri Nov 4 10:08:53 2016 (Q8qgB)

4 My reasoning is simple. If Trump wins, the SJW contingent will totally lose their minds. If Hillary wins, they will become even MORE insufferable.

Makes the choice easy.

Posted by: Mauser at Fri Nov 4 17:44:01 2016 (5Ktpu)

5 I'm tempted to stock up on ammunition and sell it when prices go up...

Posted by: Avatar_exADV at Fri Nov 4 23:40:17 2016 (/lg1c)

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