November 09, 2016


We are actually less utterly screwed than I thought we would be this morning!

I remain deeply skeptical of Trump, but credit where it is due, he has done what most thought impossible. Whatever his flaws (and they are legion) I can, with considerable confidence, wholeheartedly and without reservation agree that by far the lesser of two evils won this election.

Hillary Clinton wasn't just singularly corrupt. She was the standard bearer for a group, a party and an self-appointed faux aristocracy that not only feels unwarranted entitlement to rule over us, but despises us with every fiber of their being. 

We're in for a rough ride as a nation. Trump quite scary in his own ways. However, there is another bright side to this; the intensity with which political correctness got a kick in the groin this morning. 

And that, at least, unambiguously rocks!


On a rather less serious note. It is infinitesimally less improbable that Takuni Yanai, is in fact a time traveller.

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1 Well, there's still the whole President Trump thing to wrap our heads around.  But despite my misgivings on that quarter, on the whole, a good day.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wed Nov 9 05:18:25 2016 (PiXy!)

2 My faith in the electorate is renewed.  It was wonderful watching the press freak out last night.  I don't remember them being that shell-shocked on 9/11.

Posted by: ubu at Wed Nov 9 10:43:08 2016 (SlLGE)

3 The Press and the Posters being so wrong, and shocked, and upset by the results of the election I think is a testament to how much they were trying to wish it into being.  I've observed that liberals have this belief that words can control reality, and they get very indignant when reality does not obey.

Posted by: Mauser at Wed Nov 9 21:44:17 2016 (5Ktpu)

4  Now that we have some numbers to analyse, it's all pretty easy to see.  Clinton is up by 1% in the popular vote, so that's well-within the margin of error.  A approximate 12% decrease in total votes from *2012*, which was a 5% decrease from 2008.  If Hillary was any other Democrat, she likely would have won handily.  Trump pulled similar percentages in most demographics to Romney and McCain, but pulled quite a bit fewer total votes than Romney and about the same as McCain.
The bottom line is, the people who said it's all about "who wants to vote for Hillary Clinton?" were absolutely right.  She was just so unpopular no one wanted to vote for her.
But, if she couldn't win, at least Trump won.  So I guess she has that going for her.  Kind of "win-win" for the left, really.

Posted by: Ben at Wed Nov 9 22:21:41 2016 (S4UJw)

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