May 18, 2007

Great Responsibility Without Power

Via E-Mail
Cassandra over at Villainous Company has posted a long and thoughtful missive on the challenges the Republic faces given the erosion of presidential power.

Yes, I said erosion...there are those who are convinced that this President is setting himself up as Emperor...While a worry for any Republic, regards this guy, I've always been skeptical of that....the non oppression of his most venomous critics being a case in point. Cassandra makes a very good (and worrying) case that the opposite is in fact happening

The office of the president has to be able to make deals, set strategy, and set some form of guidance in foreign policy with the general assurance that a course will be maintained at least until the next election. If the public does not like it....we have elections every 4 years.

This is one of the differences between a Republic and a Democracy. It is also getting very heavily eroded to the point that the office of the POTUS is having its hands tied in ALL things.

Read the whole thing...

And in a different but related vein...
(and I warn you, a rather more partisan one )
... read this too.

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